My Life as an Adventurer: Day 2 in Skyrim VR

VRFocus: "I have found freedom, but the world is still an unforgiving place."

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chris235322d ago

are we talking about skyrim vr? what a crap port. first, the game couldn‘t be more dull after 10 years. i tried the vr version for 10 minutes then i got eyecancer and the feeling that skyrim is just not for vr. now.. please take your time and develop something proper from scratch that i plements vr. everything else is just a lazy and crying shame for vr titles.

mafiahajeri322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Hey asshat maybe don't make fun of the worse disease that effects so many people around the world. I hate PC culture but a line has to be drawn. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

Bunch of pricks. You're not funny when you say, I got cancer from this and that, if you knew someone who went through that hell you wouldn't dare say something like that you heartless prick...

Let's see if youre still making fun of it, if you ever get it... And hey karma :)

F off to YouTube comment sections, you belong in that cesspool...

Aenea322d ago

I haven't tried it, been busy with other things, oh yeah, battling cancer, so I find it not okay when people just throw that word around willy nilly....

mafiahajeri322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Nice to see people who share the same opinion...

Haha this guy pissed me off so much I just beat the living the shit out some guy who almost crashed into me while my mom was in the car. The prick was chasing some girl and he had the nerve to call me a faggot and threw a coke at me and my mom. Big mistake, caught him at a stop light.

Went outside in the middle of traffic to his window. I told him to get down, alas he didn't. He rolled down the window, and the ass whipping commenced. I swear my fists are bloody and bruised, never fed up someone that bad 😆 he was trying to reach for his pocket knife the whole time lol turned his head into a punching bag 🤣

His pussy ass friend didn't even bother to help him.

Crazy coincidence talking about stomping people here and this happens an hour later 😆

Don't mess with a 6'1 pissed off gamer 🤣 went all Kratos on his ass...

mafiahajeri322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Let's see if you're still laughing when your stomach gets full of water because your kidney is shutting down. They stick a tube in your stomach to get the water out but it's no use.

You start hulucinating from all the morphine, seeing family members that aren't there. Talking to people who aren't there.

You can't eat anything because you keep on puking. You're weight goes down by half, you try to fight it screaming and convulsing but you then slowly slip into acoma where you lay their waiting to die. All while you hear your family members talking to you but you can't reply to them.

[email protected] pussy... I swear if I ever see someone making fun about getting cancer in real life I'm gonna stomp his head into the ground.

Dfooster322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Skyrim vr is awesome. Once you get used to the downgraded graphics and the controls there is nothing more immersive in gaming