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Romancing SaGa II is not without its issues, but it's an entertaining title. Fans of the SaGa series should check it out just for the historical aspect

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354d ago
timotim354d ago

Love that its Xbox Play Anywhere and in Microsoft's store on console and PC. I'm going to support it just for that reason alone (along with the fact that its a good game too haha). I want Square to bring all there titles to Microsoft's store. Great titles to play on the go on my Surface

gangsta_red354d ago

Agreed, no reason not to also release this on all systems to every gamer reachable.

timotim354d ago

No doubt. I'm more speaking on the fact that while some devs release there games in Microsoft's store for both console and PC, they make you buy it twice if you want to play it on both and is not Play Anywhere. Yookool Kaylee did this...and it makes mo sense. Play Anywhere is very consumer friendly...glad to see Square on board. I'm supporting this because I want to see FF and all there past titles make its way over as well.

gangsta_red354d ago

"Play Anywhere is very consumer friendly.."

No doubt and this part of Xbox and Win 10 needs to be emphasized more from MS. I don't play on PC but I have heard that this is definitely a great and useful feature.

timotim354d ago

For sure. I don't use it on most titles, but I like the option to do so. Mainly I use it on the smaller titles...Lucky's Tale, Cuphead, Ruiner, Halo Wars, Fallout Shelter etc...titles that I can play away from home and put in a few minutes or a few hours depending on the situation. I game on my Surface Pro...not exactly a gaming device haha...but having the option to pick up where I left off and progress is awesome.

CrimsonWing69353d ago

I have tried to understand how to play this, but even with a guide I've ran into randomness. For example, I can't do side quests and the game won't give me hints on where to go from the Chancellor, so all I can do is fight Noel... but my god it feels like I'm not supposed to fight him and according to the guide I'm not, yet that's the only quest I can do.

But it's like I fight and fight to level up and learn skills, but the monsters level up with you. I don't have armor to keep up with the damage they inflict and all stores don't hand out anything I don't own... so how the hell do you play this?