Little Devil Inside To Last Over 100 Hours on Average; Developers Interested in Launching on Switch

Little Devil Inside, the indie action/adventure RPG with survival elements made by Neostream, will last over 100 gameplay hours on average.

It will launch on PC first and then on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though the developers are interested in porting it to the Nintendo Switch, too.

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ccgr292d ago

Hope it plays well on the Switch

Alexious292d ago

Doesn't seem to be very complex.

Krysis291d ago

It's hard to say what's running in the background. The systems may be more complex that you know.

292d ago
Goldby291d ago

main story is about 20 hours,

Krysis291d ago

Why? You have a problem with getting more value for your money? I mean as long as the gameplay and narrative are engaging why would you want shorter experiences.


Some people balance games in with work and family.......

rezzah290d ago

Some people prefer shorter experiences. Long games are nice but shorter games mean I can complete a lot of them faster.

rezzah290d ago

I'm a backer on KS, been waiting for this to release man years now. Just glad to see this awesome game will release soon.