The 5 Worst Games Of 2017

2017 was a great year for video games but there were more than a few duds released over the last 12 months.  Here are 2017’s worst games.

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The_Jackel357d ago

Personal opinions on this one, granted some did have a bad launch but they made them games better with updates (which tbh shouldnt be that way if games not ready delay it)

356d ago
SojournUK357d ago

I'm the only person who kinda enjoyed ME:A. Wasn't that bad.

narsaku357d ago

Uhh, Yea it was.

You can like the game cus personal reasons all you want. For me personally, Peebee was adorable and saved the game for me.

But.. You shouldn't hide behind that and ignore the fact that it was released with characters learning DBZ fuuu-sion-HAAAA during several cutscenes of the game, or people falling through the world, or characters body's folding like paper oragami during cutscenes.. The fact that the story was unfinished, boring, uninspiring with clanky movement and LGBT/Middle East agendas thrown at my head every time I meet a new character in the fkn game.

The ~~~TWO~~~ alien races were boring, the threat was boring, the main character was his own comedy show that nobody in his own crew gave a shit about, and besides that the game was really just a bunch of big open areas with some typical sandbox content thrown into it to keep people from realizing it's a really short game by having them drive around a lot looking for artifacts or people's angry sisters and shit.

No.. The game was pretty bad... I'm happy you liked it though.

UltraNova356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

I've played through the whole 10hrs of the demo in a hurry in order to cover ground and see if I 'd like the game. Well I did not hate it but damn what a downgrade it was from ME3...the dialogue was boring, the protagonist... stiff and uninspiring...gunplay was ok while movement was hit or miss. Facial animations were done better on the ps3/360 era.

Suffice to say I wont be buying. Its a shame.

Takwin357d ago

Read what narsaku said, minus the angry anti-SJW stuff, which I didn't see. But everything from the story to the gameplay to the graphics were really bad - and that is the core of any game.

Razzer357d ago

I liked it as well. Damn good game, imo.

DarthSocio357d ago

I uninstalled it yesterday, just couldn't be bothered to continue the story tbh. The writing is painfully bad

mochachino357d ago

I didn't have any problem with the facial animations and the graphics were very good.

However, the game was extremely boring. So boring that I could bring myself to play it anymore after about 12 hours. Started off ok, but the characters and dialogue were horrendous. The missions were terrible and the main story didn't move along enough for me to care what was going on.

GamesMaster1982356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

No it was good. and the Nomad driving parts were a billion times better than the past games. Just the story for me was lacking that spark. Yes game had bug's like most pissed out rushed game's do these days. But most of them have been fixed and game is great now.

raWfodog356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

I'm loving the game so far. Had the good fortune of playing the patched version without the ugly animations/glitches.
It's not of the same caliber as the original series IMO but its a good game in its own right. To each their own though.

Gaming4Life1981356d ago

I also really enjoyed mass effects andromeda, I played it from start to finish cause it was so good. I'll admit that it is not better than previous mass effect games but it's still great.

OB1Biker356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

I spend many hours enjoying it.
I think a lot of people don't understand what a bad game is. Disappointing =/=bad. Rushed out and unpolished at launch is also not the same as straight bad.

WelkinCole356d ago

People were just expecting was too high. Remember ME last gen was rated 9.5 Up.

Personally its an 8.5 yes still very good but just not up to the level of previous games.

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LightofDarkness357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

There were many worse games this year, barring Road Rage. Perhaps this should be “The 5 Worst Games I Bought In 2017”.

PygmelionHunter357d ago

Whenever I see games like Mass Effect Andromeda or Valkyria Revolution on these lists, I think the writer perhaps didn’t play enough games in 2017 to find the actually crappy ones, or is just begging for hits.

Like, where is Life of Black Tiger? All of these titles are masterpieces when compared to that one.

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