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Tom Chick - "Once you strip away this level of demand from a game, you better make sure there’s something where the challenge usually is. If I don’t have to cultivate skill or grind out advancement, why am I here? And this is where Hat in Time is an absolute delight. It doesn’t expect you to perform, because that is its job. Each level is a new show. Each level is a way for Gears for Breakfast to playfully juggle the familiar tropes. Stealth, collectibles, goofy cartoon characters, quests, puzzles, bosses, a spaceship hub, loot, character powers, monsters, locked doors, jumps, all presented with mischief, humor, and childishly ebullient charm."

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Frinker326d ago

Got 100 % in this the other day. Great game

coolbeans326d ago

I'm really excited to try it out! :D

Damthatsword326d ago

amazing game! i just finished it actually.