The Best RPG of 2017

Twinfinite writes:

2017 has been a standout year for RPGs. Here's our picks for the best role-playing games we've played.

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Eonjay357d ago

Still haven't beaten the winner yet... I know, I know...

joab777357d ago

Nioh is my personal GotY! Best time of 2017. AC Origins is close AndnI sure didn't expect that!

mikeslemonade357d ago

Nioh isn't a rpg. And it's not goty material.

357d ago
SuperbVillain357d ago

i need to get back to nioh it kicked my ass so hard a few months ago ive been scared to go back ever since :(

RememberThe357357d ago

I've been stuck at the third boss lady for three days...

SuperbVillain357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Is that the woman? after you navigate through the dim damp caves? thats the exact one that made me stop for a while lol.its hard enough getting to her i haven't figured out how to beat her, and i hate watching youtube guides i feel cheap afterwards

RememberThe357356d ago

Yeah I'm the same way but I had to watch a video last night and you just have to get her timing down. I've grinded to lvl 40 in that damn cave and she's still beating my ass.

FernDiggidy357d ago

It's not that difficult lol

SuperbVillain357d ago

i messed up and did something in the wrong order which just made it hard on myself

Omnisonne357d ago

Just got Nioh Complete edition for 30 bucks, something tells me im in for quite a ride..

FernDiggidy357d ago

Game is nothing short of FANTASTIC! Enjoy it bro!

thelaughingwiseman357d ago

I still need to play Nioh! Won DLC in it from a contest lol Now I need the game to go with it

indyman7777356d ago

Remember the drug dealer always says. The first one is FREE :)

gangsta_red357d ago

Nice, I would have also put Tales of Zestria there in the list and also replaced Nioh with anything else.

yumi76357d ago

Tales of Zestria released in 2015. And I imagine you haven't actually played Nioh, but it's not what won they chose Persona 5. I am not sure why they chose Nioh for the picture, but it is hilarious to see that basically no one clicked the link.

gangsta_red357d ago

Ack, I meant Tales of Berseria. And I did click the link and I said nice because it was good to see their picks, all but Nioh.

I have played Nioh and I was not impressed with it in the slightest. Terrible environments, the same enemy types for half the game and just an overall uninteresting story.

PhoenixUp357d ago

Do you even Tales?

Zestiria came out two years ago

wraith9999356d ago

lmao it was also not that good

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The story is too old to be commented.