Are Games Scary Enough?

Jim Rossignol writes: "Recently I've been lucky enough to get my hands on EA's upcoming "survival/horror shooter" Dead Space, and the experience has set me thinking. It's a fantastic, brutal game and technically impressive in all kinds of ways, but it's not actually all that frightening. Like the video nasties of the 1980s, it's horrible without really being horrifying. There are a few jumps here and there, and the mutants you stomp into splattered viscera really are repugnant, but I've nevertheless ended up thinking about how rarely contemporary games manage to evoke the emotion that the genre often does best: Fear."

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Liquid Dust3569d ago

Resident Evil 1 on the GC, Resident Evil 2, and Silent Hill 1,2,3 are probably the only games that really scare me anymore. Resident Evil 4 gave me some pretty good scares on the first run through, especially with the regenerators and their breathing in the background, creepy stuff

skelter3569d ago

Vampire: Bloodlines. Haunted house level. It's by far the scariest level I've ever played in a game. I wish more people had played it.