Agents of Mayhem and PlayLink games discounted to under $10 on PS4

The physical versions of Agents of Mayhem, Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power and Singstar: Celebration have been discounted to $9.99 on PS4.

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GamesMaster1982357d ago

Still overpriced for them NON game barley interactive story Playlink stuff in my opinion..

Smitty2020357d ago

Knowledge is power is a great game for family

G20WLY357d ago

Been playing it today, had a load of laughs!

GamesMaster1982357d ago

Okay that one maybe I have not tryed yet . But I’m a big gamer and got my non gamer friends to try hidden agenda with me. They lasted 10 mins before bored shirtless and messing around with other stuff. So they say this is for friends of gamers that are not into games. No . No it ain’t . It ain’t even much more that a press of a button on your phone. Sorry but for a proper game to play with non gaming friends play the fucking board game monopoly . Way more fun. Or watch a movie which these basically are.

IamTylerDurden1357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Hidden Agenda is developed by the Until Dawn devs (Super Massive) and it's actually good quality. If u like Until Dawn, if u like crime thrillers and multiple endings/decisions, and if u want something accessible for the whole family/friends then play it.

GamesMaster1982356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

No your wrong saying just because its made by Until Dawn dev's and if you enjoyed Until Dawn you will enjoy Hidden Agenda. I loved Until Dawn and Heavy Rain type games because you know they actualy have gameplay, ie control of your characters. In these playlink titles there is no control of your characters whatsoever like Until Dawn. There is the odd few choices here and there that uses that phone gimmick. Also no chance of using your controller on it if you want to play solo because your friend's have sacked it off for been dull. If i wanted to watch a movie i would do so. Hell i would rather play Battlefront 2 online that buy another one of these. I think stuff like this would be more suited to Mobile Phones instead of gaming consoles.

Ariel__357d ago

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quent357d ago

It really was a disappointment, how did they not give it a mp mode

IamTylerDurden1357d ago

Agents of Mayhem should've had co op, it feels like an egregious error not to include it. However, i still think AoM is a decent sandbox. The combat is excellent, the cut scenes are artfully done, and the visuals are pretty good on PS4 Pro at least. It isn't a bad game, it's basically like a polished and prettier version of Crackdown. Dumb, over the top sandbox fun with not much in the way of story. It does have some semblance of a story though, more so than Crackdown.

Servbot41357d ago

Yup. They were too stubborn to just grow up and add what the entire internet was asking for, and their game bombed spectacularly for it. I know my friends and I would have picked it up if it included two or three-player co-op, but the game isn't even on my radar for $5, much less $10, as a single player title.

Donnie81357d ago

You could do a lot worse than Aom for 9.99. I paid full price unfortunately but still pretty satisfied

Veneno356d ago

Damn AOM must be some hot garbage...