What Nintendo Did Right And Wrong In 2017

Coming off the disappointing sales and response to the Wii U; Nintendo found themselves at a crossroad. The resulting Nintendo Switch has been a big success for Nintendo with currently 10 million units sold and growing. As they wrap up 2017, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an Opinion Piece on what Nintendo did right and wrong in 2017.

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jaymacx357d ago

they did some things right
+Steady flow of games released
+Great Marketing
+No 1st party Game Delays
+Simple Streamlined Switch UI with quick navigation
+Increasing 3rd Party support

but they did some things wrong which are

-Using an App to use Voice Chat
-Not able to back up saves
-Cost of Joy Con Pair
-Only 1 Multimedia App (Hulu)

Garethvk357d ago

You summed it up well. I would say the lacking online and lack of Netflix would be big as you mentioned and I would say that going forward games needed to be throttled down can be an issue. I know people want to play DOOM and such but developers do not like to have to throttle down games to be included. Some games you can get away with it and not lose much. However, if you remember the last COD for the PS3 and Xbox 360, they were online without the campaign and the graphics were horrible compared to the new Gen systems so you would not likely see COD on it. However the games they make for it have been ideal for their target audience.

DJK1NG_Gaming356d ago

The voice chat app was Splatoon 2 only. They never said that was the future for the voice chat on Switch.
They said it was for Splatoon 2 only. People didn't listen.
It was also temporary/

not having media apps.....I don't see how that something they did wrong.
Nintendo had priority. Which was build the Game Library first then bring all the social stuff.
There nothing wrong with making a GAME SYSTEM play and have a lot of games available first.

Joycons cost a lot because of the techs inside.
NFC reader
Motion Tracker
HD Rumble

Those 3 you listed are just your problems with the system.

jaymacx356d ago

Let me clarify what I am saying. These are areas where they can improve. which isn't that bad. They really did a great job. Those are just the things I noticed and I don't think I'm being over critical. I love my Switch. I know some people won't care about some of those things. The save backup is a must though.