Gamespot: TGS 2008: Hula Wii Hands-On

Gamespot: "As its title intimates, Hula Wii is a Hula dancing game developed for the Nintendo Wii. We found the game tucked in a corner of the Sega booth on the 2008 Tokyo Game Show floor and just had to give it a shot. One flowered lei and one Wii Remote later, and we were hula'ing it up with the best of them. Well, sort of.

Our hula deficiencies were immediately apparent, despite the incredibly simple controls in Wii Hula. Because you really only control the game with the Wii Remote, all you need to do to be successful in the game's various dance patterns is follow the on-screen avatar's hands and match your motions with hers. Every so often a hand icon will also appear briefly on screen in various positions to give you an even more obvious clue of which direction you need to point the Wii Remote."

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