GTA 5 Winter Update Brings the Holiday Cheer

To celebrate the holiday season, Rockstar just released a substantial GTA 5 winter update. In the latest patch for Grand Theft Auto's insanely popular online experience, San Andreas got something relatively uncommon for California, a blanket of snow.

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RioKing350d ago

Holiday cheer my ass. Wish they'd release just one nice single player dlc for this game. I know that chance is many years long gone, but one can still bitch...

Gigamax350d ago

That's why they make a comment section! We feel you though, it would have been nice. Thank for taking the time to stop by.

RioKing350d ago

Gigamax I've been here a loooong time bro. Almost 15 years in total. I've seen it all here hahaha. but yeah man I know i don't ask for too much when i say a great single player DLC is owed of us fans. all the younger guys can make a case for gta online all they want....itll never satisfy a certain demographic. The obvious issue is that that demographic is almost dead

somlevemle350d ago

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