Furi's Frame Rate on Switch Is Very Similar to PS4 version

After being listed for January 11 release, now we get new details about the Nintendo Switch version of Furi, specifically related to its technical section.

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Venox2008352d ago

Good to know..very good game

352d ago
letsa_go352d ago

Switch as powerful as PS4, confirmed! Just that the response they were looking to get from this bullshit article?

FreddyFazbear352d ago

Soo what?? to say and boast that The Switch is as powerul as an Xbox one and PS4? less demanding games like this one can of course have good framerate. Lets see what happens if you put Witcher 3 on Switch with same graphics settings as PS4 and Xbox one. The Switch does not run on Magic or Alien tech.

Venox2008352d ago

For me it means its a good port for Swich..not like Rime for this game has a lot of going on in gameplay..

FreddyFazbear351d ago

Thats a fair and good response. Yes it means its a good port. Unlike what others think that switch games especiallt the Multiplats like Doom, NBA 2K18, Wolfenstein 2, is as good if not better than Xbox one/PS4

Dragonscale352d ago

Should hope so. The game isn't exactly demanding.

Lionalliance352d ago

Its not like is a graphical powerhouse.

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