Gamespot: TGS 2008: Chou Aniki PSP Hands-On

Gamespot: "Chou Aniki first popped up on PCs in the early '90s, and we're guessing this PSP version is a remake of the very first game (as we couldn't track down anyone with English language skills to clarify). The "ship" you fy in this unique game from developers GungHo Works is a flying muscle man, who at all times has his brother flying in close formation with him. Firing is done by pressing the X button (with lasers coming out of the top of the brother's heads), with your buddy firing at the same rate for some extra grunt. More usefully, the brother can absorb weaker enemy fire, meaning he can be used as a shield if positioned correctly. Like most typical space shooters, the action on the screen moves from left to right, although the main character can also turn and fire to the left by pressing the PSP's left shoulder button."

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