Gran Turismo Sport Back Online After Long Outage

Gran Turismo Sport's servers are finally back online after a long outage on Christmas Eve, which prevented most users from enjoying the game.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima26d ago

Great now send out an update so we can save our progress offline!

UCForce26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

That would be great ideas. After few hours, I got three solutions but third one is far fetched and complicated.

The First Solution is that PD have to cancel the partnership with FIA right away. It would make PD return to make traditional Gran Turismo, but there is consequences. FIA can sue PD for canceling partnership too soon. FIA is governing Motorsport in Europe.

The second solution is that we gamer have to be patience long enough until FIA and PD contact have ended.

The third solution is that PD could make a separate content in GT Sports. Which mean there will would be offline content and online content. For example, if you enter the offline content, all your contents will be saved while offline, but it won’t connect to the online content. The online content is only for those who want to compete each others fair and square without cheating. Because with FIA partnership, PD want to make sure there won’t be hacking or cheating in online racing game.

Goldby26d ago

1 and 2 aren't an option for gt sport. But they could always make it a verify process for online play.

Save offline but it need to be verified before online use to be able to play with the car/performance improvements

Dee_9125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"Because with FIA partnership, PD want to make sure there won’t be hacking or cheating in online racing game."
I'm pretty sure that's their goals, with or without FIA partnership.. FIA is completely irrelevant to this situation. I find it mind boggling that your only " solutions" involve a factor that has nothing to do with the problem lol. The only logical solution I see is a patch, removing this requirement and better encrypting the standard save file to prevent exploits, or have some type of verification to make sure the save file is not messed with, when online.

So because of the large amount of users on GTS over the weekend, Sony thought they were under attack? lol! I wonder how many people were on, holy crap. Good to see it wasn't PD servers at fault.

UCForce26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

About FIA, they are very powerful enough to sue PD. After all, they are responsible for all auto racing across in Europe. More importantly, FIA want to make to sure racing to be fair and square without cheating. Read the FIA on wiki.

Dee_9125d ago

I honestly doubt the FIA care if gtsport gets hacked or exploited through its save file.. the FIA is irrelevant to this.. I'm not sure you know exactly what the FIA is nor the point of the partnership . In reality the partnership is just publicity/PR. A racing simulator becoming partners with the face of real life autosport is a nice accolade for PD.

feyditukki25d ago

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sammarshall10226d ago

This is all I need now to make the purchase

Ghost_of_Tsushima26d ago

Offline saves are a must followed by a weather system. Then I’d consider purchasing the game.

sammarshall10226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Ghost Yeah that is a must and weather would be amazing

UCForce26d ago

@Ghost of Tsushima Like I said, PD have 3 options to choose.

ILostMyMind25d ago

If in each race you need to be online what is the purpose of having save offline?

ILostMyMind25d ago

"GT Mode" is a tutorial. The game is online.

Goldby25d ago

No I mean like the sunday cup and stuff.I think it's called gt league or mode

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butchertroll25d ago

Long outage!? How 10 hours be a long outage?

Eonjay25d ago

This article shouldn't have been approved without the original title.

Ciporta198025d ago

That's quite a long time to not be able to play your new game.

butchertroll25d ago

10 hours isn't long outage. Really! Someone is at work 10 hours. And Christmas Eve is basically a working day too.

novcze25d ago

exactly, I even got my daily workout car

itsmebryan25d ago

Yes, a 10 hours outage is not long if you are a PSN user. That's sad. Smh

Kiwi6625d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Not everyone who has a PS4 is an adult as some who have one are children/teenagers so for them 10 hrs would seem like a long time

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pyroxxx25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Was not out for me.-- or I just was not playing if for those few hours on Christmas eve.

VariantAEC23d ago

Pretty sure I played on Christmas eve too and had no issues what times and regions were affected?

LateNightThirst25d ago

You'd think the best selling racing sim would have servers that weren't from 2005

kneon25d ago

The servers were fine. The problem was that so many people were trying to log on that it got flagged as a ddos attack.

SinisterKieran25d ago

i was back online not long after it went down yesterday. unless i got lucky.

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