Final Fantasy VIII Retro Review

Final Fantasy VIII is a strange beast; a master of nothing, but a powerful lion of an experience.

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Septic62d ago

Hehe just started playing this. I need to complete this after having stopped and started this like a jillion times. I remember when the CGI was so impressive to me and now, our gameplay visuals in games have surpassed that! Insane.

Just finished the ceremony bit- memories!

Jillian__61d ago

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AceRimmer30261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Best of the PSX FFs even if the combat is lackluster

Haurus61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Try a no leveling playthrough. The game was essentially made for it.

At the start, during the Dollet mission with Seifer, equip Seifer with all 3 current GFs & kill the other 2 party members, then train on the bridge with just Seifer. You can get him and the 3 GFs all up to lvl 100, and get 3 full stacks of all the -raga's in about 16 hours. After the missiion, play trip-tri in Balamb garden and the harbor to get as many cards as you can, and convert them into more magic and items. then just use run, card, break, or level-down on everything in the game to avoid gaining exp. It mixes things up enough to make the game more enjoyable and it is actually easier that way, as the world scales to the parties average level, enemies gain stats at higher levels, while the player characters do not, and player stats are based mostly off of equipped magic. It all works together to actually make the game easier at low CB levels.

You can do another GF power level when you get Edea as a temp char.

Gardenia61d ago

16 hours are you kidding me? Just learn some abilities that convert items into magic, Cura to Curaga, junction to stats, leave Squall low health and limit break every enemy

iofhua60d ago

Gardenia - 16 hours is nothing. If you do the angelo search exploit you can easily put hundreds or even thousands of hours into the game. It's one of the only ways to stock up on hero's without using up your Laguna card. Which is a big deal if you're trying to finish the game with every card.

Tross61d ago

Is it strange that I think this game is better than FFVII? It's a graphically superior successor that ditches the noob-friendly approach to provide a deeper, more engaging system for an RPG veteran. About the only reason I can think of as to why FFVII is so popular is because it's the first JRPG many people played. It sure as heck wasn't my first though. The only annoying thing about FFVIII for me is having to draw MP, but the hoarder in me wouldn't let me miss a single draw point and refrain from draining it for all it's worth so I just got used to it.

Father__Merrin61d ago

simply stunning this game was. some parts were really tough too tough imo especially the part where you fight them colours propogators and last boss was piss take

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