Five Things EA Did Right in 2017

Enough with the negativity. Yes, Electronic Arts has figuratively crapped the bed in recent months, but did attempt to rectify its actions. The company, unintentionally, managed to bring the issue with loot boxes and microtransactions to a national audience. And maybe hearing that Apple purposely slows down its products after one year has helped you move on from EA’s debacles. If sales for November were any indication, however, Star Wars Battlefront II, sales dropped nearly 61% versus the first game. Still considering that’s still millions of copies sold, chances are if you wanted to play this game, you bought it. Before all of this downfall, EA had actually done some good things in 2017. Here are the five things they did right in 2017.

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haydenlake119d ago

These things are not rectifications for their BS. They did them because they were forced to.

EA deserves no praise. They are a corporation, not a flesh and blood human. They should only do what's expected of them and we'll pay them for good service.

opinionated118d ago

If corporations don’t deserve praise then why are there so many fanboys? We praise Sony and Microsoft when they make good decisions. I laugh at them when they make bad ones, you rage apparently. Just like we would a flesh and blood human. Because a human/humans make these decisions, good or bad. And they weren’t forced to do any of it just as we arent forced to pay for it.

rocketpanda118d ago

Yes, corporations are made up of people, but they put their shareholder first and in EAs case with blatant disregard for the industry and gamers. Ever since Ultimate Team they saw how easy they could strip away core mechanics and systems and add another layer to make even more money in the worst possible way.

I don’t care about the fanboy arguments because you can’t argue with fanboys, they’ll stand up for whatever they believe not matter how wrong something is!

The argument “we aren’t forced to buy it” is a terrible one. We are way past that when they implement methods into getting players to buy into MT by purposely screwing progression. Take Destiny 2 and the Dawning event where half of the items available are locked behind the Eververse store. Also why did Warner Bros decided to make Orcs obtainable through a lootboxes system when later in the game it became super grindy if you didn’t have enough high level Orcs and gear. And then there’s the latest NFS, EA decided to change how you upgrade your cars by using a stupid card system, fundamentally changing how it used to be for an even worse system.

opinionated118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Shareholders are people too and yes they are put first. How are they put first? By making them money. How do they make money? Selling stuff that we buy. If we don’t buy things the shareholders are hurt. They don’t do things just to screw you over. And you blame them for people buying their garbage? Hey think whatever you want but don’t tell me my argument is awful with a mindset like that.

I don’t care about fanboys either. I was just making the point that people who usually say “screw ea and corporations” are usually a fanboy of some other brand. It’s often hilarious irony.

It’s not a terrible argument, it’s a painfully obvious one. You don’t have to buy shadows of war or destiny 2 or need for speed. You aren’t even required to buy lootboxes in these games. I bought shadows of war and destiny without ever purchasing a lootbox. The only loot boxes I opened were given to me in game. So no, it’s not a terrible argument, it’s just one you don’t want to hear.

GT67118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I personal Can't think Of 5 things Ea did right since 2005 nfs mostwanted .
I only play Nfs titles from Ea .
If i had to give 5 reasons it would be

1. 2010 nfs crap
2. 2011 nfs crap
3.2013 nfs crap
4. 2015 nfs crap
5. 2017 nfs Extremely crapfest Special with Microtransaction Loot creates.
6. 2019 nfs will be extremely Filled as well will Loot creates .
Investors don't care, all they Care about how much money they able to suck from your bank account .
as Mark Hamill said but i will his quote far as nfs concern : "why make a Great game that fans want while you can make a Shitty game and still make millions. " there you have it guys why Ea and ghost games not trying anymore .

starforge71119d ago

Given the track record of EA i very much expect them the screw up anthem with MT

Tru_Blu118d ago

When I saw the rumors of Bad Company 3, a game I've wanted for years, I didn't even get excited. My first thought was about how it was going to be ruined by EA's MT's. Some corporate image they have managed to acquire.

Tross118d ago

We wouldn't be heaping on EA if they didn't try to screw us over with Loot Crates in games that still cost full retail price. The hate is not unwarranted.

PlayableGamez-118d ago

Those are sad non-accomplishments.

Broomfondle118d ago

Remember to turn off the lights once they left the office?