PS4 And Xbox One Exclusive Games Line-Up Don’t Make A Difference Anymore – Michael Pachter

"If you haven't heard, the PS4 has been dominating the global console market. It's sold more than 70 million consoles worldwide, had perhaps the best exclusives line-up this year next to Nintendo and is poised to have an even bigger 2018 with titles like God of War, Days Gone, Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human And those are just the games we know of."

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Kingthrash360331d ago

Michel is pulling for attention.

darthv72331d ago

This was my first full year with having both ps4 and xbo (got both last holiday season) and I can say that between the two I have 25 exclusive games vs 14 multiplatform games.

It breaks down to 15 games on ps4 (14 exclusive) and 24 games on xbo (11 exclusive). I bought more exclusive games overall than multiplatform and it turns out they were on ps4. It has more SP exclusive games and thats why its my main SP system.

This time next year I can see that number increasing due to the quality games of GoW, Days Gone and Detroit to name a few.

343_Guilty_Spark330d ago

I’d consider you an atypical gamer.

Cyborgg330d ago (Edited 330d ago )


I consider you an Xbox fanboy😁

PiCOSMOiP330d ago

Who cares you brought exclusive story bro. It don’t mean the majority of gamers buy exclusive games. Sorry that sales charts blow your bubble. Pachter is right. Get over it.

SirKnight330d ago

Exclusives don’t matter? I beg to differ.

TheKingKratos330d ago

Wait a minute, Xbox have 11 exclusives ? can you name them ?

GrubsterBeater330d ago


"I’d consider you an atypical gamer."

No... that's how most people are. They grab the multiplat s like Cod, Destiny, etc., but most people buy exclusives about the same if not more than multiplats.

Just because in XBox fanboy land the idea of buying a games console for games is a strange idea, most people live in reality, where games that are available on a console reign as king.

CoinOrc330d ago

Sales charts should burst your bubble. PS4 exclusives spent 15 weeks in the number 1 spot in the uk sales chart for 2017, a feat not accomplished since 2009.

UnHoly_One330d ago

Let me post my game collection from this gen, as a contrast to your oddly exclusive collection.

I just looked through my games and apps on Xbox One. There are 168 games, I counted 10 that were not on PS4.

On my PS4 I only play exclusives. I have 3 games.

So there, I have 13 exclusives and 155 multiplats.

Keep in mind this counts freebies and indies and games that I haven’t even played. But I would wager more people have a collection balanced like mine than like yours.

dcbronco330d ago

Stop it Pachter, you're stealing my argument. Though it took you a few years longer to come to that conclusion. They stopped mattering when the big titles like Madden(then) EA Sports and GTA all went multi. If the mainstream titles are on all the majors exclusives matter a lot less. They really only matter to Nintendo. Uncharted selling 6 million copies to 60 million users isn't amazing. Nintendo selling 6 million copies of Zelda to 10 million users is extremely impressive.

TheSaint330d ago

Are those eleven Xbox exclusives actually just console exclusives?

The Wood330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Wow DC. What happened to you. Now it seems everyone inside team Xbox is downplaying the importance of exclusives. . . We know they're not the be all and end all but you can blatantly see this gen and the end of last gen that gamers in general do care.

Unique selling points are differentiators in many industries. . Gaming is one of them. You saying they don't count because ms are crap in that arena yet when a cup head or Forza come along you guys pipe up and prance like peacocks. Please explain why ms used the term so vehemently at the pressers to the point they misled the masses to buff their 'exclusives*' numbers.

Seems some of you Xbox guys are out of touch like some of ms's management and patcher on this occasion. . How else can people explain the disparity in sales, top ten games, game of the year contenders, perception. . . . Oh the reveal right. . 😀

Belittling uncharteds sales to x amount of a fanbase. . . . .Oh man. . .You guys are either desperate or new to this.

dcbronco329d ago

Wood it's not an Xbox thing it's a business thing. As gaming grows new gamers will know the PlayStation name but who knows the PlayStation exclusives characters outside of gaming? Mario and Zelda? Iconic. They transcend gamers. Master Chief, people outside of gaming know him. No one really knows who Nathan Drake is outside of gaming. I doubt most will know any character from a PlayStation exclusive except gamers. So when pulling in new people Nintendo is best positioned by having immediate recognition of its ip. They have less work to do to gain market share. It makes their console known. Again, nobody knows Nathan Drake. He matters to current fans only in a fast growing business.

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lelo2play331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

"PS4 And Xbox One Exclusive Games Line-Up Don’t Make A Difference Anymore – Michael Pachter"


So... why are the PS4/Switch consoles selling more then the XB1 if not for exclusives?

WilliamSheridan330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Cheaper price at launch with more power and a negative PR statement early for MS is what gave Sony the lead this generation.

PlayStation had nothing but indie titles the first year or two, and only received notable exclusives in the last year or so...

If MS dropped Kinect at launch, took a loss to be cheaper and wasn't underpowered, this would be a different generation. Regardless, here we are.

I honestly hope Microsoft regains some market share because I enjoy owning both systems, Pro and X.

The Switch is just the Nintendo phenomenon. I won't call it a hit just yet. It just had a hardcore following, and we have yet to see if it will continue selling. Personally this generation Nintendo is the least appealing to me despite having an incredible lineup already. Way underpowered with a silly portable element that has no use to me. I'd rather they had a cheaper, non portable option for those who just want the home version and don't want to waste money on a screen they will never use...

343_Guilty_Spark330d ago (Edited 330d ago )


Funny how the Sony fans here continue to ignore the early part of the gen (more power and a $100 price difference) that defined everything before Sony started pumping out exclusive after exclusive.

Poobz330d ago

if exclusives mattered, all PS4 exclusive would sell in the 10mil+ region to it's 70mil+ owners. its quite obvious that they don't.

so no, exclusives only matter to a small user base of PS4 owners, not the majority.

as for Switch, new Mario and Zelda after years... of course they'd sell.

Sunny_D330d ago

Yeah, so I guess PS1 and PS2 won because they obviously had the power right? Not cause of the games? Oh and a bad launch and high price is the reason why PS3 was neck and neck with 360 last gen and eventually surpassed it not because of the games right? But keep thinking the games aren’t important. It seems Xbox fanboys serve against their own interest.😂

343_Guilty_Spark330d ago

Ease of development, CD-Rom, mature titles and a weak Sega and Nintendo is why PS1 won.

Stogz330d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark MS had a more powerful system as well as a cheaper one this Nov and still got beaten badly, explain this.

Outside_ofthe_Box330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Ok, William and 343. . .

If exclusives don't matter anymore then Microsoft should release Halo, Gears, Forza, Cuphead, Ori and the rest of their games on PS4 and Switch. Lets see how many consoles they sell next gen if price and power are the only thing that matters. 😁 😄 😁 ^_^

Outside_ofthe_Box330d ago

* * * " Oh and a bad launch and high price is the reason why PS3 was neck and neck with 360 last gen and eventually surpassed it not because of the games right? " * * *

Don't use sound logic on N4G. It's forbidden.

S2Killinit330d ago

its CRAZY how xbox fans are actually saying something I never thought I would hear a gamer say! 'exclusives don't matter' holly Molly, it must be the end of the world. Can you imagine Sega and Nintendo saying exclusives don't matter. The whole Sega vs. Nintendo was about who has what exclusives. Now, its like we are living in the up side down world. lol

As for me, I think I play Playstation as my main console because I know Sony always brings the games. Pure and simple. The best games of every generation end up on Playstations. I like that.

r2oB330d ago

@ williamsheridan

Many gamers had enough foresight to know that that within the coming years the PlayStation 4 would continue to get a variety of exclusives while the Xbox One would become a multiplatform machine. All the evidence was there last gen, when the 360 pretty much blew it's load in the beginning, then turned into a Halo/Gears/Forza console, to eventual non existent support. Meanwhile the PlayStation 3 continued to get exclusive games up to the end it it's life cycle. History is just repeating itself in that regard.

Microsoft made millions of people's decision easier in the early years with dumb decisions (always on DRM and mandatory Kinect/cost), and continue to make people's decisions easier with the lack of support where it counts (new games and experiences, they are only focused on hardware, enhancing old games, and BC).

That is why PlayStation has such an enormous lead in hardware sales and software sales.

CoinOrc330d ago

You just contradicted yourself. During the ps1 era, a lot developers went ps1 exclusive because of the cd format. Final fantasy, metal gear, and resident evil all went ps1 exclusive because of the cd format. A lot gamers then bought ps1’s because of those exclusives. In the end, it was still because of exclusives that the ps1 succeeded so much.

Razzer330d ago

“PlayStation had nothing but indie titles the first year or two, and only received notable exclusives in the last year or so... ”

That is a bullshit lie and you know it.

Chevalier328d ago

@ Guiltyspark

" Funny how the Sony fans here continue to ignore the early part of the gen (more power and a $100 price difference) that defined everything before Sony started pumping out exclusive after exclusive."

Funny how you cherry pick and can't explain why the Switch which is $100 MORE than the Xbox One S is still destroying the Xbox in sales! If being a $100 cheaper was such a huge point then how is it the Xbox One S is selling LESS then the Switch if not for exclusives?! The PS4 slim at the same price as the Xbox One S outsells its MS and Nintendo counterpart by at least double. If exclusives didn't matter then shouldn't the Xbox sales be on par then? They're clearly not.

Chevalier328d ago


" its CRAZY how xbox fans are actually saying something I never thought I would hear a gamer say! 'exclusives don't matter' holly Molly, it must be the end of the world. "

The irony is all we hear is 'free' 4K updates after buying a $500 system and BC add more value and more game options is awesome,but, more exclusives which means more options is not important. Wtf.

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GNCFLYER330d ago

And GB. PlayStation is doubled the installed base of Xbox.

I honestly play more exclusives than third party. Sony single player story games are my thing. I own everything from infamous to HZD. Not because it's all I buy but more because that is what appeals to me.

joab777330d ago

He has officially lost his mind!

PiCOSMOiP330d ago

It’s the truth exclusive games don’t matter. Get over it.

CoinOrc330d ago

You can repeat the same lie that has been debunked over and over again all you want. It still wouldn’t change the fact that exclusives matter. Always have, always will.

UCForce330d ago

Then your agenda is anti competitive.

r2oB330d ago

@ picosmoip

The fact of the matter is... whatever matters to gamers, be it exclusives, multiplats, or anything else... PlayStation has it. This is evident because to this day PlayStation outsells Xbox by a large margin worldwide.

People making excuses about the beginning of this gen won't change the facts. PlayStation was pummeling Xbox from the beginning in part to Microsoft's errors, no doubt. But it has continued and will continue to do so because of what's going on in the present, which is PlayStation is getting more games, therefore more gamers.

And you saying exclusives don't matter, doesn't take anything away from PlayStation either. Get over it.

Saying exclusives matter isn't saying that it's the only thing that matters. Exclusives matter, multiplats matter, Indies matter... games matter.

trooper_330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Pachter needs a dose of reality.

The games DO matter.

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Godmars290331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Yeah, just keep saying that. One day it may be true.

Actually, why has this continued to be a thing in the face of overwhelming contradicting evidence. Known that 'say a lie enough times it becomes the truth" is a thing, that "exclusives don't matter" has been a thing since the 360, but still. Mario Odyssey, breath of the Wild and Lost Horizon have done more to sell systems than the newest, most powerful system.

PiCOSMOiP330d ago

Prove that with facts, otherwise your opinion has no weight

330d ago
Godmars290330d ago

What facts are needed other than console sale numbers? The sale position that the systems are in?

It is only my opinion, but if that was all there was to it then maybe the Xbox camp wouldn't be trying to insist that numbers - facts - don't matter.

Ashlen330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

PS4 93,004,893
Xbox 31,075,357

Two times the consoles three times the software sales last year.

NXFather330d ago

They will understand better when Chief and Co. end up on Playstation.

PiCOSMOiP329d ago

I understand when Madden, CoD, and FIFA dominate sales charts.

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ArchangelMike331d ago

I get what he's saying, basically that by now the hardcore gamers have already made their minds up, and have already purchased their console of choice. However, exclusive will still drive sales for those who are yet to purchase a console - and hands down Sony wins in the exclusive market, not just for quantity, but also quality exclusives. 2018 and 2019 will be very strong years for Sony when it comes to exclusives.

OB1Biker331d ago

' the hardcore gamers have already made their minds up'
oh that reminds me of when some journalists were saying Uncharted 4 wouldnt make any difference because of the same reasons.. also arent you guys fed up with this silly 'hardcore' label? we are all gamers

OB1Biker330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

we are obviously talking about consoles in this post

RauLeCreuset330d ago

I don't think Pachter knows what Pachter is saying, but I'll give it a go. His poorly constructed argument seems to be that exclusives only drive sales early in a console's life cycle. Hardcore Nintendo fans bought the Switch this year, because Mario and Zelda made their Switch debuts, but the release of another Mario or Zelda later in the Switch's life cycle will have diminished power as a system seller, because real Mario and Zelda fans would have already bought the system for the previous iterations of those games. It's not absurd reasoning, but Pachter stretches the argument too far, either contradicting himself or ignoring obvious holes in his argument in his effort to broaden its scope to comment on the diminishing power of exclusives in general, rather than the diminishing power of exclusive titles that have already released an entry from the franchise on the system.

Chevalier328d ago

Exactly! New exclusives continue to drive sales. If option A has exclusives and all the hits whereas option B has only the hit titles and the prices are the same why would you buy the one with LESS options?!

PiCOSMOiP330d ago

Cool it wins everything ‘exclusive market’ (whatever the hell that means), majority of gamers aka your casual gamers aren’t buying consoles for exclusives. Your top selling games are multiplatform.

galmi330d ago

Been thinking the same thing, but reading through comments, it's like all people want to do is insult patcher and bicker. It's very clear to see that at this point even if the PS4 has no exclusives planned for 2018, they would still sell better, cuz the library is impressive most especially for first time adopters. This generation is already in the bag for Sony and congrats to them, kinda happy it panned out this way, this makes MS work harder next gen. Competition is good for us gamers, believe me if Sony were the only ones giving you high res gaming/home consoles, their practices might also be anti-consumer cuz there are no other competitors, add EA to the mix and they will milk the lives out of us gamers.

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DeadSilence331d ago

Guys what he's implying is that most gamers already made their decisions based on games library and content, therefore anyone with a brain chose Playstation has their platform instead of Xbox, the new people coming are the more casual gamers that usually buy what their friends have so they can play together.

This is the mass market crowd that usually buys every Call of Duty, Fifa and those type of games which are now associated with Playstation therefore Playstation domination will just grow as time goes.

Bobafret330d ago

Anyone with a brain, or anyone who isn't interested in what Sony has to offer. According to you I am dumb for not having the same taste as you. Now who lacks a brain?

330d ago

"You don't have the same tastes as I do. Therefore, the only conclusion I can draw is that you are a moron."

This is all I got from your comment. Thank you for reminding me why I come to N4G for gaming news, but reserve constructive conversations for Reddit.

Loktai330d ago

... Reddit.. constructive conversations? .... Seriously?

PiCOSMOiP330d ago


Wtf are you serious?! You’re implying and pulling the same tactics. Gtfo

galmi330d ago

I dont know why people still dont get this also

Jinger329d ago

Well that's silly. My main console is my Xbox and I have the ps4 and switch as my exclusive only consoles. Doesn't make me dumb because I spend more time on my Xbox then the other consoles.

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yumi76331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Pachter can say whatever he wants about it being "late in the console cycle". We're four years in and PS4 just had it's best year ever, 2017 was also easily the best year for exclusive games on PS4. Meanwhile Xbox was on track to have it's worst year ever and also had the worst software lineup of any console in recent history. Pachter can pretend the two aren't related, but that seems incredibly unlikely.

I also like how he says that based on an unannounced Halo game xbox's lineup "looks strong" but PS4 based on games like Ni No Kuni 2, Spider-Man, God of War, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwimai 2, Dragon Quest XI, The Last of Us 2, Ghosts of Tsushima, Little Witch Academia, Death Stranding, Dragons Crown Pro, Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Concrete Genie, Dreams, Shadow of Colossus and dozens of other exclusives only "looks fine"

Pachter and gamingblot can put whatever spin they want on things but the fact is in 2018 PS4 will continue to outsell xbox three to one globally in both hardware and software just like they did most months in 2017.

Poobz330d ago

70mil+ PS4 owners, do you think all those games you mention will sell 10mil+ or maybe 2 or 3?

Sony's trump card for me is that they are still single player focused and while i own both systems, i'll always buy Sony's SP games over MS's games as a service fodder.

Loktai330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

You're making a big logical mistake.

When you have a system with say, 2-3 BIG exclusives those each tend to sell a LOT to existing installed base and attract each a certain amount of new players. Lets say those sell 5-10 mil each and total of 10-30 mil sold maybe attract 10% of those sales worth of new console owners to make a reasonable assumption so... 1-3 million new console owners who are buying for specific exclusive content.

When you have a system with 10 BIG exclusives for the year, what happens is that each game may sell less, even HALF as much at 2.5-5 million each game, but with 10 games instead you have 25 to 50 million sold, and 10 percent of that you may get 2.5-5 million new players even though each individual game seems to be doing "worse".

In other words if you have an equal pool of say 50 million players on each side of a platform debate and one side has 5 games and the other has 10 games, you will see double the sales for those 5 games... get me?

Playstation absolutely is the platform with MORE big exclusives and more VARIETY which is why you dont see 1/5th or even 1/10th th of the entire installed base buying a game where as especially early in a consoles life you will see a VERY HIGH attached rate of the 2-3 big games they have available- because that is all there is and thats what attracted ALL buyers who came for the exclusives (like switch right now and the crazy attach rate of Zelda)

TomatoDragon330d ago

Every exclusive isn’t required, or expected, to sell 10mil. Don’t be know why some continue to make this silly argument. You could just as easily say that on a platform with 50 mil owners, any exclusive that doesn’t sell half, or even more, of that platform, is a failure. Xbox 360 has around 90million sold, yet halo 3 sold 12 mil. Is that a failure.
Simply having a library that has games available to you, regardless of what they sell, is always better for the gamer.

RauLeCreuset330d ago

He took a frequent critique of Xbox (that they create franchise fatigue by recycling the same exclusives) and applied some slight of hand to spin it into a pro-Xbox talking point (that exclusives don't matter). His argument is actually talking about the diminishing returns of releasing another Halo on Xbox, but he wants people to believe the same holds true for all exclusives. His argument falls apart when you switch the comparison from Xbox vs Switch to any other combination of the current gen systems (e.g. Xbox vs PS4, PS4 vs Switch).