NXE requires 128MB space, MS to offer 'storage solutions'

Joystiq writes:

"Microsoft has released an official statement stating that the New Xbox Experience will require 128MB of free space (a hard drive is recommended to "take advantage of some new features"). The company also said that "a small percentage of Xbox 360 owners do not have enough memory to accommodate the update" and will be "offering storage solutions to the Xbox LIVE community."

Details are promised in the coming weeks, so for now we're left to wonder how Microsoft plans to provide solutions other than the current option of purchasing a memory card or hard drive. Full statement after the break."

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Pennywise3543d ago

20 articles over 128MB of storage. Give me a break....... I want GAME news.

Pixel_Addict3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

WARNING: Sarcasm Ahead!

I mean 128 mb is just an entire memory card. I mean, who wants to save their game progress or download update patches?

Also, since this is a casual version of the 360, there is no reason to worry about how 'casual' gamers suppose to download the Live arcade's casual games? Nahhhhhhhhh, no biggie. Pffffff.

comm133543d ago

I do love your sarcasm :)

And I agree, sucks for people with non HDD Xbox's.

Pennywise3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Pixel... HUGE deal over such a small amount of data. MS is screwing their customers once again. Every single person on this site called out the arcade package when it was announced. That SKU made it very relevant that MS would never let a dev make game installs. It screwed people with burnout and not with NXE. It is huge news... but what is the point of the "duplicate, old" report options if the same crap gets smeared all over this site every day.

MS are a bunch of crooks... It is how the company was born and for anyone to expect any different today is crazy.

EDIT: Sorry my first post made it look like it was no big deal. I hate MS for how they handle their business. Release broken products and patch them up when it comes to light. I dont know if I hate that more or the people who tolerate it and buy their junk.

Pixel_Addict3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

... for PS3, Wii and 360 premium (or better) owners. If anyone dwells on how people can still defend Microsoft's business practices, it can be maddening. I, or anyone, can be better served by just enjoying what they bought.

Hey, Penny do me a favor give me a bubble and I'll do you a solid too :D

Why o why3543d ago

seeing it gave me an instant flashback to the place were i played the arcade, smell included.

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chasuk083543d ago

Oh look most likely another additional Xbox 360 cost, well done microsoft.

Lucas223543d ago

the solution is the 60gb starter pack (60gb hard drive, mic, and 1 month of xbox live free) it will be announced the last week of october or early november. 100 dollars

darthv723543d ago

at my local gamestop. Price is still up there for the hdd but it is cheaper than the original 20gb was when it came out plus you get a headset (something lacking in the arcade). It could be cheaper but then it wouldnt be Micro$oft would it?

JonahFalcon3543d ago

So I'm covered. Honestly, the real problem is those people with no internet access.

Fox013543d ago

100% agree. What about the people without 360s? How will they get the update??? The Evil M$ has done it again!

Pennywise3543d ago

Fox you are on a roll today! lol

What about the people with original xboxs? Oh wait - we already know what happened to them.

Omega43543d ago

Fox, you dont need internet access to get the update you can download updates from the Xbox website and use a USB or MS will send a CD free of charge through the post

At least thats how i remember it anyway

Fox013543d ago

Please don't tell me you didn't get it. Even Pennywise did.

Omega43543d ago

oooohhhhh i see, for some reason i didnt read the whole of your comment fully

Charlie26883543d ago

If you are talking about not having an internet connection to download the update didn't MS already said some of the new games (like Gears 2) will come with the update on the disc?...or something like that :P

Pennywise3543d ago

Even Pennywise did?? You say it like I am slow!

IdleLeeSiuLung3543d ago

Well the real question is what happens when you can't meet the 128MB requirement? Does the dash revert to a simple mode?

Pixel_Addict3543d ago

I think if you don't have internet to download updates strait to your 360, then why would you have internet access to download the updates to your PC? Even if you have access to public internet downloading updates is impractical, unless the public computers un the area have highspeed connections, which many do not.

Dannagar3543d ago

Wait! What about the people with a PS3? How will they get the New Xbox Experience.

IdleLeeSiuLung3543d ago

PS3 owners will get the NXE by switching over to a 360! duh!

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Omega43543d ago

i wonder if they will let you use your own storage

but they will make it limited to some extend so that they dont lose out on hard drive purchases

darthv723543d ago

they were going to let you copy external content like movies to the 360 hdd. The ability to go the opposite direction shouldnt be that hard to do. If I can copy channels from my wii to the sd card then ms can allow for the copying of avatars and such to an ext hdd.

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