ShackNews: Dead Space Hands-on Impressions: Scary as Hell

Chris Faylor of ShackNews writes:

"I'll admit it. I got scared by a baby. While I was playing in broad daylight, no less.

But this wasn't just any regular old baby. Oh sure, it looks like a perfectly normal human infant, right up until the point that it sprouts three tentacles and shoots off lethal spikes in a disconcerting attempt to release your innards from their fleshy trappings."

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Nineball21123423d ago

So far all the previews I've seen have been really good for this game.

Sigh... I'm going to be so broke.

trancefreak3423d ago

dude so broke wow ill be begging for change this holiday season just play all these games.

C_SoL3423d ago

This game needs a demo.

bunbun7773423d ago

And this is one of the first for me- day 1- don't forget your diapers!

cervantes993423d ago

Which version to get (360 or PS3)???

I'll have to wait for comparison reviews.

trancefreak3423d ago

i would wait u know how some muliplats have turned out for my beloved ps3

solidjun53423d ago

...get the one you feel most comfortable with. Whether it's for the controller or just how the box looks like. It's up to you. Just to let you know, the game is even on both systems. EA (finally) acheived parity for most of it's multi-platform games. So I guess it just comes down to controller or miscellaneous comparisions. They both have acheivements/trophies and so other than that, you'll still going to get a good (IMO) experience with the game. I'm hyped about it. ^_^

ReTarDedFisHy3423d ago

Well, if it helps, the PS3 is the lead platform.

cervantes993423d ago

I prefer the PS3 controller so I am leaning that way - especially since they both have achievements/trophies.

I'm just a little nervous about multi-plats on the PS3. Oh well, either should be great and reviews will hopefully be positive for both.

Bubbles to all above me :)

Panthers3423d ago

If the 2 games are different, it will be minimal.

thereapersson3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

The PS3 gets a Blue lighted suit, and the 360 gets a yellowish-green lighted suit.

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Doppy3423d ago

I love scary movies, but I hate scary games. It's weird, but I'm going to get this, Bioshock, and probably go back and get The Condemned 2.

kydrice3423d ago

condemned 2 is pretty freakin creepy. Have fun at the doll factory..I'm gonna go back having nightmares now.

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