Macworld: Maxon Cinema 4D 11 review

Macworld Writes:

"The BodyPaint 4 module now supports the .abr brush preset format used by Photoshop, which expands the palette of brushes available for 3D painting. The interface has also been rejigged and makes a bit more sense and the program features new Blur, Sharpen and Colourize tools. Some other nice improvements are an integrated online updater, a license server for managing distributed licenses in organizations, COLLADA support, a Doodle tool for rotoscope-like drawing in the editor, a Script Manager and an improved Help system.

Cinema 4D 11 is a brilliant upgrade that addresses some of the key issues, such as the aging GI and lack of NLA. Not forgetting that Cinema still boasts the awesome MoGraph module, a feature-packed Character animation toolset, and Hair and Cloth simulation, we doubt that there's an easier-to-use, better-integrated and feature-rich 3D toolset out there."

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