Qore Subscription Downloading is an Enormous Pain

Loot-Ninja writes:

"Most of you out there might look at me funny for saying that I enjoy Qore and think it's worth the money. I bought the yearly subscription shortly after it was made available on the PlayStation Store. I don't look at is paying for demos or other videos, it's more of a digital magazine. I get it, it's worth it to me. But here's part two of things going wrong for me last night that resulted in something else broken."

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taz80803445d ago

I actually never read Qore and hearing this makes me want to get it even less.

drunkpandas3445d ago

If you get it monthly, you download each episode direct from the PlayStation Store. The problem is the hideous way Sony handles downloading addition episodes when you buy the year subscription

Nineball21123445d ago

Qore isn't too bad. I only bought the episode with the R2 demo download with it.

That's been a while back so I don't remember how bad it was, but I can understand the author of this article's frustration on dl'ing new episodes based on what he described.

That needs to be fixed.

IdleLeeSiuLung3445d ago

This is why a MS/Sony joint console would be awesome (except for the lack of competition though), because Microsoft excel (no pun intended) at Software and understands User Interfaces while Sony understand hardware.

It is so funny, because never have I ever seen such disparity in the strenght and weakness in two competing companies in the same market. They are like polar opposite that would complement each other like Ying and Yang!

fiercescuba3445d ago

I'm always reluctant to pay for a yearly downloading service in a lump sum for fear the downloads are going to be far less in value/content than what I paid.

drunkpandas3445d ago

I don't mind paying for something like this where you know a new episode is coming every month (just like a magazine). For me, the content is worth the cost. Just like how I don't mind paying for Xbox Live every year or paying for my subscriptions to WoW and Warhammer.

AllseeingEye3445d ago

What he says about downloading the episodes are true. It was a pain to figure it out at first. Hopefully sony can make an icon or something on the xmb for the annual subscribers to just click on and download. This months qore was pretty awesome too.

drunkpandas3445d ago

I have no beef with the content of Qore. I personally see if as being worth the money. But yeah, the downloading for yearly subscribers needs to be fixed. There's no reason it can't be added to the PlayStation Store as an icon.

fiercescuba3445d ago

Giving them enough money for a year should make this easier not more difficult.

drunkpandas3445d ago

You would think so. Take care of the people who are investing for a long time in your product. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

BigKev453445d ago

I agree. I started the download in the morning before I took a shower. Came back after 20 min. Still was at 68 percent complete. Then you have to do the install on it.

drunkpandas3445d ago

Download time aside, it's a huge pain in the rear to even get to the download. It's a very large file, so I expect it to take some time to download.

taz80803445d ago

Man that is some serious download times

Pennywise3445d ago

BigKev... I've noticed a quick pause/resume on downloads speeds up the DL speed.

I do not understand why the hell we have to install qore. Big waste of time. It should be a video... but I guess it is their way of stopping piracy and it does have interactive menus.

paracardium3445d ago

Zico now while it's downloading and before you know it's done.

taz80803445d ago

Yeah playing games while you DL is great, one thing I dont like on the 360 is if you play anything that is online enabled it stops your connection, why cant it just run in the background?

drunkpandas3445d ago

Same thing happens on the PS3. It will site in your download queue and not download anything if you're playing an online game on the PS3. There's a few games that have persistent connections, so just launching the game will pause your downloads.

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