Nvidia Drivers - 388.71 vs 388.59 shows improved PUBG 1.0 Performance

PUBG 1.0 Nvidia Performance - 388.71 vs 388.59 shows some difference, but is it enough to warrant a driver upgrade? Yes it is.

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Woolly_26d ago

every little helps like tesco

FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago

When this game gets a price drop on steam, I'm all in.

FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago

Which is 38 aud here, I don't think it's worth that much personally, but to each their own.

jukins25d ago

Got it for 20 on cdkey three weeks ago may be different now but it's a "full" game now and runs much much smoother even on my 1060 3gb

Sgt_Slaughter25d ago

Just wait until it's completely fixed and released, still got issues.

Cyro24d ago

The full game has been released on PC. They just came out of early access a few days ago.

Pantz25d ago

Don't matter what drivers you use. The game on PC doesn't support HDR. The best place to play it right now is on Xbox One X in 4K HDR.

OMGitzThatGuy25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Dynamic 4k and a unstable framerate don't make it the best place to play just because the colors pop. The game is only like 3 colors anyway. Brown for dirt, green for grass, and blue for the water. I get 100+ fps in this game after the last update, I'll take that over 20fps.

Pantz25d ago

HDR does a lot more than make colors pop. You have to see it in person to know the difference.

Ashby_JC25d ago

You have got to be joking.

Pantz25d ago

Even Digital Foundry said HDR is a bigger visual upgrade than 4K.

PlayableGamez-25d ago

You do realize pubg is not a game for a graphical showcase but a competitive multiplayer game that requires high performance?

Pantz24d ago

? The game looks beautiful and performs well after 2 major patches. It's still in development.

AKS24d ago

I have an OLED and love HDR, but of all the games to try to make the case for HDR...LOL.

Cyro24d ago

This game looks like shit on Xbox One X. It's pretty much low everything to run at 4K.

That_Guy24423d ago

Yea no it runs like absolute garbage on Xbox and yes even after the updates it still runs like garbage. Will take 100+fps on my 1080ti over HDR and 20ish fps lol

Pantz23d ago

I doubt you actually played it on Xbox, after the first 2 updates the FPS is fixed. And yes HDR is better than even 100 fps if you compare it in real life.

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PlayableGamez-25d ago

PUBG has been running really good for me.
Average 50-60fps 90 percent of the time.
PC Build:
GTX 1070
Intel i5 3570k

eyeDEVOUR21d ago

That tell us nothing without showing your settings.

AKS24d ago

Wow, 1 FPS increase in Erangel. Mind blown!!!

tee_bag24224d ago

That's a decent 5% increase of you unlucky enough to play on a console