Gamespot: TGS 2008: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Hands-On

Gamespot: "Earlier this year, we got a brief look at Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep at Square Enix's DK Sigma 3173 event, and it looks like the demo available on the floor of the Tokyo Game Show was the same that we saw in August. But it never hurts to take a second look, especially when surrounded by throngs of press members eager to get their own mitts on the upcoming PSP game. Fortunately, the trailer for the game we'd just seen in Square Enix's Mega Theater had already whet our voracious Disney-hungry appetites, so we were glad to take the game for a second spin."

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badz1493482d ago

I can't wait for this one! I love KH series and I hope this will be GOOD! I wonder when will they officially annouce KH3 though...