Spore Patch for Mac Breaks Everything

Loot-Ninja writes:

"I'm not an angry person, but this is part one of what set me off last night. I bought myself a copy of Spore a little while ago and finally got down to start playing it Thursday night. I installed and fired up the game and was prompted to download a patch. Ok, seems normal. What PC/Mac game doesn't have patches? What ensued started a fire-storm."

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taz80803388d ago

I was looking forward to this patch and now I see that it is a bigger pain than anything.

drunkpandas3388d ago

Yeah, the patch has some nice additions and gameplay balances, so I was looking forward to it as well. Too bad it breaks the game, if you can even get it to install

fiercescuba3388d ago

This is why I have been sticking to console games.

drunkpandas3388d ago

Console games haven't exactly been free of problems like this either. Remember the debacle that was MLB 2K6? Couldn't get past the third inning. The patch fixed it for a few people, but created even more problems for others

pwnsause3388d ago

and that's why you buy MLB: the show, the most sophisticated, deepest baseball game of this year, and of future iterations as well. ask ESPN.

FantasyStar3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I wouldn't, at this point, differentiate consoles and PCs now. Ever since this gen began. Consoles are becoming more like PCs, with the exception of control-interfaces. Console games are just as buggy, some get patched, however, unlike PCs most console games that are shipped broken/shoddy never get fixed (aka crappy PS3 ports)

GametimeUK3388d ago

Just like Playstations FW updates
They must of taken a page from Sonys book here

drunkpandas3388d ago

Think that belongs in the Gamer Zone. Nobody is being fanboy here.

bomboclaat_gamer3388d ago

why do u have to come with crap. i am an xbox 360 owner and all. but its stupid how some people act. i see why u have 2 bubbles. ima statch one more from u

vitz33388d ago

Just like Xbox 360's updates
They must of taken a page from Microsoft's book here


Anyone remember the fall 360 dashboard update of 2007? Anyone remember error E10? Anyone remember that the reports of broken PS3's due to updates were made by Kotaku? Anyone remember that the PS3 firmware has been installing onto the hard drive and not flashing to a chip?

Think before you make yourself look like an idiot.

bomboclaat_gamer3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

this site needs better moderation. its really boring seeing the same comments every hour of everyday. PS3 vs 360 and 360 vs PS3. i think ima stop coming here often and find another site where the comments are more constructive

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Pain3388d ago

Anything made on or with M$ OS is Bound to suck as a port.

leftbehindxp3388d ago

Actually with the help of the patch I was able to play the game! I have a MacBook, which has that 950 video card that wasn't compatible with the game. Well when I played the game first time, the creature creator was black, and you would have to randomly guess where parts were and etc. But when I loaded the patch up it made the creature creator section work, and now I can do whatever I want. The box even says that my card was not compatible with the game, but now it is thanks to the patch. It is odd that the patch caused so many problems for people.

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