VGR: Pure review

VGR Writes:

"Pure has some pretty slick visuals, they are very impressive to look shouldn't be disappointed by them; if you do...then you are just too much of a graphics whore. The game has a great soundtrack that fits the game well; the sounds of the ATV are also pretty impressive. Voices of drivers can be a bit annoying, but it's hardly worth mentioning. Besides racing in single player and multiplayer, Pure doesn't have much else to offer besides customisation of your ATV. It would have been nice to have other modes included, something to make it stand out just a bit more than the other's not the end of the world, it just would have been nice to see something more. Perhaps some downloadable content?

Pure is a good racer, it doesn't add much new to the genre but its mindless fun and that's what games should be all about. This is one game that racing fans shouldn't miss out on."

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