Holiday Wars: Sony Counts on Games, Microsoft on Price

Ars Technica reports: Going into this holiday season, it's clear that Nintendo will sell as many systems as it can get on store shelves, but the fight for second place is where the real action will be found. The good news for both Microsoft and Sony is that each enjoys a strong position, but each has quite distinct advantages.

Comparison between Microsoft and Sony this holiday season after the jump.

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Captain Tuttle3543d ago

The 360's price cut matters more now than before this global financial meltdown. People are really spooked.

highdro3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

yes but the 360 has both!!!!

yes sony is getting loads of games this holiday but it dose not have the price. with the current economic crysis going on it will be very hard for some one to dish out £300-400 on a console.

La Chance3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I dont know why people want to dismiss the fact that the 360 has as many good games as the ps3 at xmas but I pretty much agree with the article

Moreover this whole "360 outselling ps3" thing is pretty funny when you you look back at all the "360 is dead" , "2008 is Sony's year" , "how will the 360 survive in 2008 ?" articles.And all those so called analysts predicting the end of the 360 for 2008 lol.

The worst thing is people on n4g actually believed that MSFT would just sit there and that Sony would takeover and crush everything on its way as if by magic.You guys were so convinced that the 360 would die in naive.

mikeslemonade3543d ago

I agree with this article. People see the 360 price first and then buy it because they can play the multiplatform games they want. They did not buy solely because of Gears of War 2 because they would have bought it when the first Gears came out. For PS3 they see, they hear about the game, read about the game, and see the game, and then they buy a PS3 because they are excited for that exclusive such as LBP and Socom. LBP is a system seller and Socom is the biggest PS2 online game and a lot of Socom fans are waiting for this game and then they are going to buy the PS3 when it's out.

And this is not only a holiday scenario. In 2009 the PS3 has these anticipated games that have graphics that are getting better and innovative gameplay. The 360 has only has price with the generic games such as Halo 3, Nina Blade, Halo Wars, . All these games in 2009 for 360 cater to the people that already own the system. And also none of the graphics look better from last year. The only game that is an unknown is Alan Wake which can do big stuff and that may be coming to PS3.

Lanoire3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

The 360 has gears of war. Thats it. Im not joking.

People said at the beginning of 2008 that the 360 dont have games left.
People werent lying and essentially nothing has changed.

Of course if you only own that xbox console, you will have a biased view.
The reality is, there is so many games on the PS3, that people cant afford them all.

Dark Collosis3543d ago

This guy has no clue what he is talking about.. Where is FABLE 2??? Where is LEFT4DEAD??? Where is BANJO2??? Not EVEN mentioning the complete domination of games that have come out in the last year compared to the what 2/3 games on PS3?? Are you all that blinded by sony love to see this article is BS.. Enjoy LBP because there is NO WAY i would trade Fable2 for LBP.. Not to mention we all know GeoW2>R2... Also LEFT4DEAD WILL GET MULTIPLAYER GAME OF THE YEAR..... My friend who only has a PS3 has absolutely no interest in LBP and is getting a 360 for L4D and GeoW2.. Expect more to follow....

Rofflecopter3543d ago

the 360 has had more games in the past (i own 9 compared to 3 on the ps3) but for the holiday and the future, ps3 will have more games. unfortunately, Sony does a crap job of marketing (unlike M$), so not many people will be thinking of future games since only the hardcore/semihardcore gamers actually check websites and know of all of the upcoming games.. sad :( so many good games coming out.. R2 LBP and fable2 are my top games :D


we mentioned 3000 games for the ps3 all you idiots can do is thing of one ......Gears

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Nineball21123543d ago

I can safely say the outcome this Christmas really doesn't matter much to me.

I love my PS3, but I agree with the analysis of this article.

It's going to be close, but Microsoft will do better this Christmas because of price point.

badz1493543d ago

but yeah, I think M$ will do better at least in NA this Christmas!

Lanoire3543d ago

Check this out.


ROFL look at the difference!
One is like watching a 1980 cartoon and the other is like watching a 2010 cartoon!

My god. Feel the POWER!

TOM3543d ago

MS will sell more software as well.Two games for sony during christmas wont be enough.I doubt that LBP and R2 combined could surpass gears2 in sales.I only have one preorder for my ps3 until december and 13 for the 360.Hard core PS3 fans don't buy nearly enough games,too busy defending the lackluster sales to get to the damn store.Or is it that only kids worry about sales numbers while those of us who are "all growed up" just buy all the games we want,no matter the system? Poor bastards:)

u are my game slaves3543d ago

just log into ur other account, we all know u 1-2 bubbles people have more than one account...XD


SuPa-MaRiO3543d ago

I Agree MS Has A Better Price But Lets Get Real People Im Tried Of Fanboys They Make The Industry Sux I Own a PS3 And Happy With and If U Own A 360 Good For U Thats It End Of Story

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