IGN: TGS 2008: White Knight Chronicles Detailed

The story of White Knight Chronicles is set in the Kingdom of Balandor, where Princess Cisna is undergoing her Coming-of-Age ceremony in the halls of the royal castle. Unfortunately, just as the ceremony is underway, a mysterious group by the name of "The Wizard" attacks the castle and causes some serious damage to the general happenings. Apparently, the Wizard is attacking in order to uncover the power of the knight and in the process attempts to capture the Princess.

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tetsuhana3448d ago

Level-5 is the new Squaresoft.

sinncross3448d ago

I tend to somewhat agree, WKC far surpasses anything I've seen Square do and FF13 just seems like same ol same ol. I will still get FF13 though Versus 13 seems more interesting atm, but WKC just seems to sound better and better, and I was not even considering it when it was first announced.. just brushed it aside. Wow the story better be good and multi player better be good too!

badz1493448d ago

anything WKS/WKC is hotly welcomed here and look at the approval! fast like a blink of the eyes! I have to admit that this game looks great though! I'm not a JRPG guy but I know JRPG hungry PS3 gamers are going to love this! Christmas in Japan is going to be a PS3 spree!

kingOVsticks3448d ago

I really think that this is game is going to feel that empty void of JRPG's in the PS3 heart.I wish it came out this year tho...

Pennywise3448d ago

When is US release is the question... I need this game.