No Man's Sky RayRoD's Overhaul restores cut content from E3 presentations, overhauls graphics

DSOGaming writes: "When No Man’s Sky got released last year, a lot of players were disappointed as the final version lacked many features that were showcased during its E3 presentations. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a modder has decided to restore the content that was cut from the game’s E3 demonstrations."

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nakemifo181d ago

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JamesBondage180d ago

$35 in 15 minutes? Sooo you're a cam girl? lol gg

Cajun Chicken180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

But does it have dinosaurs in it?

Jon_Targaryen180d ago

The question, do people still care enough to even try it out?

Rockstar180d ago

I do. I just have to find the time to play my backlog of games.

JamesBondage180d ago

If it goes on sale for $free.99

corroios180d ago

This game is still alive?

frostypants180d ago

Very much so actually. If you own it but have been away for a long time, it's worth checking back in to see what's been added.

subtenko180d ago

Why are you even here? Why ask the question? Why are others commenting? Why are there many people playing this game? The answers to these questions can be found right outside that door there. Dont forget your coat.

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