VGR: R-Type Tactics review

VGR Writes:

"Moving units with the stylus has worked for many DS games, so why not R-Type Tactics? It seems a mistake for it to be on the PSP and I believe it would sell much better on DS, especially considering the rate they are still selling at now. Local multiplayer is included and while it can be fun, it seems like a missed opportunity to lack online play for those who don't have 2 PSP's. The soundtrack isn't too bad, but it's hardly memorable.

R-Type Tactics is a good strategic game for the PSP, but I can't help feeling that it's on the wrong system. It'll be interesting to see what path the series takes from here, if they go for a sequel or go back to the classic gameplay that most crave. Tactics is an odd choice for them to begin with, but it does work and can be fun in small doses."

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