GamerDad Review: Samba de Amigo

GamerDad writes: "In Samba de Amigo, there are six circles arranged in high, middle, and low points. Dots originate from the middle and when they reach the inside of a circle, you must shake the remote at the appropriate height to the beat of the music. The Wii version features most of the songs from the Dreamcast, plus a lot more. And it adds the "Hustle" dance moves from the Japan-only Ver. 2000 game. You can play solo or multiplayer, with a remote and nunchuck or two remotes. Upload your high scores to an online leaderboard and use Wii Points to download more songs with WiFi support. Sega fans, take note: there are special guest appearance in the game from a certain hedgehog (kids love Sonic), and Space Channel 5 (Ulala rocks!). A few simple mini-games and other goodies round out the package."

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