Contra 2028 is a free Unreal Engine 4 third-person shooter that mixes together Contra and Vanquish

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is something really interesting. A team of students has created a new shooter in Unreal Engine 4 that blends together Contra and Vanquish. This team of 8 students was given 8 weeks in order to design and produce a reboot from a NES game, and Contra 2028 is the result of their work."

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Apocalypse Shadow331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

I always thought contra should have had some type of modern 3D update/remake where you and a friend could be moving forward towards the screen shooting enemies. With some of bosses and levels 2 and 4 really benefiting from that 3D perspective of enemy soldiers, gun turrets and electric shock fences.

This free 2028 looks interesting. But all that sliding like in vanquish does not help the game and takes away from the original game's gameplay as it didn't have it.

But good try anyway whoever made it. Still looks decent graphically. Funny thing is I always thought gears of war kind of looked like contra but with cover points even with a different artistic setting.

NewMonday331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Vanquish is what a 3D Contra should have been

slasaru01330d ago

Nope, the Lost Planet was

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Visualift331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

"Looks like crap" isn't a proper way to evaluate something. Try some constructive criticism or don't say anything at all.

killswitch80329d ago

for a student project this looks amazing.

Segata331d ago

Contra should only be a side-scrolling game.

jukins331d ago

Mostly agree. But I remember super coontras overhead levels were pretty fun and the Sega hard corps contra had some cool "chase" scenes but yea should mostly be side scroll

cd1331d ago

Those top-down levels were tough as fcuk.

imXify330d ago

So Metroid should stay a sidescroller? GTA should stay a top down game? Exploring can be great sometimes :)

Segata330d ago

Some series just don't translate well to 3D like Castlevania and Contra. Sonic has always been better in 2D.

imXify330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Also this game is meant a reboot/tribute, not a 100% clone of the original with newer graphics. I'm also one of the 8 students who worked on this. Our main goal was to make a fun game and as of this post we have 18k downloads and people are having a lot of fun so that's a plus in our book. We also have dozens of job offers so that's another plus. You can disagree with me any day, but we still made a fun game in 8 weeks ( actually 7 weeks ) while having finals in other classes.

killswitch80329d ago

why not applaud the students that did a terrific job on this project.

killswitch80329d ago

or maybe no one has it done it right in 3d yet

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Einhander1971331d ago

Looks ok, but contra is a 2D classic, would love to see a new 2D contra.

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