Pocket-Lint: Motorola ZN5 mobile phone review

Pocket-Lint Writes:

"Whilst we like some of the camera functions and the performance was better than we expected (given the right conditions) you can't help feel that the ZN5 is still a bit half baked. For a phone that wants that "multimedia" tag suggested by the new Motozine branding, it seems to fall short on offering you a decent data connection or a video camera that produces acceptable results.

The ZN5 seems to suffer from a continuing trend in Motorola phones of trying to pigeon hole each device – E8 is music, Z10 for video, ZN5 for photos. The result is a phone that lacks the broad appeal of some competitors. Yes, the camera is good, but nothing else seems to be remarkable. The result is a device that makes you spend a lot of time in various menus searching the feature you want.

Credit is duly given for the camera, flash and Wi-Fi, but the confusing menus, poor build quality, poor video and other silly little things, ultimately lose it marks. At the end of the day, after the camera, there is little to really get excited about."

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