The Witcher 3's Xbox One X patch delivers in spades

With its impressive 4K results, newly-introduced HDR support and its alternative performance option, this upgrade is pure fan service from the developer for one of the generation's biggest, most beloved games.

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timotim354d ago

I'll be jumping into this one tonight. Been nothing but all smiles with my X, one of the best consoles I've ever purchased. It's given me the best money an buy on a console and my gaming experience has been amazing with it.

Septic353d ago

" It's only been a month since we claimed that Sony's super-charged PS4 possessed the best console version of The Witcher 3, but with this update, the crown has been passed on."

As expected really. Impressive nonetheless.

DrumBeat353d ago

All that smiling is upsetting others. Stop. Seriously though, this is an amazing game that has a tendency to throw people off in the early on, though it's fantastic from start to finish. Best RPG this gen, imo, on all levels. There's something about this game that makes me want everyone else to love it too, lol. I feel the same about The Last of Us. Games that illicit emotion while being great video games score really high with me. Witcher 3 does just that.

PrematuaProcrastin8a353d ago

Yeah I bought it at launch, got to novigrad, and just stopped playing it for some reason (it could of been because of the cabaret quest), but earlier this year, I made a conscious decision to go back and finish it, as everyone I know was raving about it, and boy am I glad I did. So much content, so many hours spent, and that was just the base game, and after I played hearts of stone and blood and wine, I can confidently say it's 1 my favourite games of all time.

Sm00thNinja353d ago

Really is a generation leap in comparison to the Witcher 3 on the base Xbox. 4k mode is what I'll stick to though. 60 fps is great but 4k mode is stunning

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353d ago Replies(1)
2cents353d ago

I'm enjoying this immensely! So glad I didn't finish it the first time round. Now I've started from the beginning again, good times!

EddieT353d ago

The game is neither 4K locked nor 60fps locked.

Krysis353d ago

Troll, troll here we have a a salt spewing troll here. Lol merry Christmas to you though.

EddieT352d ago

I guess Truth = Salt on N4G

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The story is too old to be commented.