Sony Reveal CES 2018 Press Conference

Sony are sending out invitations to a CES press conference, including PlayStation VR.

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AizenSosuke56d ago

Very nice Sony super hyped about 2018/2019

NecrumOddBoy56d ago

2018 game release dates incoming

Eonjay56d ago

They always do a great keynote. It may have release dates but most likely will have sales figures and what not. I predict 75 million shipped at least

55d ago
lxeasy56d ago

Nice I could def see some VR games showcased at CES. Do you think they'll show new AAA exclusives or leave that for E3?

DialgaMarine56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

If they do, it won’t likely be any of their major first party titles. Likely no TLoU2, Death Stranding, or Ghost until E3.

runningx55d ago

Last two Sony press conferences were very poor with same titles shown for the last year. Lets see, in the last two conferences they had a remaster of an old game that is very niche with poor sales called Shadow of the Collosus and then in the last psx conference they just showed a remaster of a medieval games which is just mehh in my opinion.

Legatus55d ago

Last time i remember SotC remastered was announced on E3 2017. Last two conferences were PGW and PSX, even thou PSX didn't have tradicional conference but ok i'll give you that one. But on PGW 2017. they announced two new first party exclusives, Ghost of Tsushima and Concrete Genie.

Apocalypse Shadow56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Nice Sony. Keep the word going and momentum going in making VR a standard optional way to digest digital content. "Almost like being there" is very compelling.

Would be nice if they surprise everyone with an actual working,inexpensive hardware extension to improve psvr for those looking for room scale based on their previously announced patent that's like htc vive tracking. They have been surprising the gaming community this whole generation for consoles. Kaz did say that they were moving to release more tech and shake things up.

Also would be interesting on if they add something else to psvr to quiet the minority on Sony changing their tracking controller. All it needs is one little thing and that problem is solved too. We'll actually, it would need updated software too in addition to that one little thing.

Maybe they'll announce arcade partnerships too as it would benefit them in getting the word out on how psvr is fun and easy to use without the high cost of some hmds. Would boost their sales numbers and word of mouth.

Anyway, I love tech shows. Hope the press conference reveals many interesting things....

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trooper_56d ago

I really want to try VR now.

DeadSilence56d ago

Keep it going Sony, outstanding company!

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PhoenixUp56d ago

Sony has a way of keeping its consumer base consistently invested with all these conferences

GTgamer56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Finally got my psvr and I love it

tulholdren56d ago

Me and the kids love ours too glad you enjoying yours

trooper_56d ago

That's awesome! I hope to get one soon.

cd155d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Same here, the combination of new SKU with HDR pass-through and lower price sealed the deal for me. Enjoy!

If you dont have it already I recommend Farpoint (with the gun) - its frickin Starship Troopers! :)

GTgamer55d ago

Got it at such a great price and all the Vr games are on Sale on Psn so I'm definitely Vr ready

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The story is too old to be commented.