Retail-Ready 'Little Big Planet' Arrives At MTV, PS3 Is Far Away

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"One of the wonderful trends of this fall for reporters has been the proliferation of games that have been completed and sent out well before their release date.

Usually I can't hope to receive a boxed copy of a new game more than a week prior to it hitting store shelves. But so far I've received "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed," "Fracture," "Dead Space," and, today, October 21's "Little Big Planet" all in their store-ready shrink-wrapped boxes well before their release dates.

I have a few tidbits to share based on the box and the manual, but, first, do I think this fall trend is good because I can brag about having the game before you?"

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jamenees3294d ago

It's really nice seeing a copy of this game out in the world. Oct. 21 is gonna be a crazy day.