TGS 2008: Firmware 5.00

The PLAYSTATION Network is coming to the PSP next week - at least in Japan. Firmware 5.00 will be available on October 15th and will add the built-in PlayStation Store under the new XMB category.

Japan will then get a regular release of downloadable titles through the rest of the holiday season. Games include:

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CaptainHowdy3513d ago

but, as per capita, ppl will find new gripes to b*tch about

BrunoM3513d ago

humm yah your right about that ...

humm lol.. does these alsow have psn on it can i log in on my user name that would be really kooll and good

militant073513d ago

PSP getting better and better i dont thier will be psp2 anytime soon

dragunrising3512d ago

Does anyone know if the loading times are sped up? Also, what is the max size memory stick you can use with the psp? The PSP 3000 has the 4gig bundled in but didn't know if that was the max. Regardless, the PSN store on the PSP comes at the right time, with the holidays around the corner.

supahbad3512d ago

you can use whatever memory stick you have

shamusl933512d ago

If it isn't, It looks like they are getting rid of "Memory Stick" in favor of just showing the content, which could be both a good and a bad thing. (More organized VS speed of XMB)

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