360 making headway in Japan

Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg believes the Xbox 360 may be making great strides in Japan, the big cheese noting an upturn in the console's fortunes. He believes Redmond are starting to convert third-party firms from the PlayStation.

"Never before have I seen in the eight years I've been coming to TGS, this shift, frankly, from the PlayStation brand to Xbox 360 among third-party publishers. We're the platform they're looking to to help grow their franchises around the world," Greenberg told Major Nelson.

He continued: "What's interesting of late is the amazing momentum we've seen coming out of the Japanese market. Our sales are up year-over-year: last month's sales were up 500 percent. We not only saw tremendous sales growth; we outsold PS3 for the entire month, week after week."

The 360 actually beat the PS3 in last week's Japanese hardware sales chart. There's more to be had in the full interview.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3513d ago

Yes last week all 5 360s sold.This week they are trying for 6!

Nineball21123513d ago

Okay, I laughed at that one.

highdro3513d ago


they only outsold the ps3 for the first time in japan and they think devs are now gonna jump on there d!"K......hahahahahahahah .....

Nineball21123513d ago

I think he's really spinning things... but they all tend to do that.

badz1493513d ago

I know it's TGS in Tokyo but come on! outselling PS3 for the 1st month and being about 2 million consoles behind and you are already talking about conquering Japan? that's just taking it too far, too fast!

Fox013513d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

"... We're the platform they're looking to to help grow their franchises around the world,"

"What's interesting... last month's sales were up 500 percent."

This is very good news for 360 gamers; we'll see even more support from game developers. I just want to play the games I like for cheap in HighDef. I don't care if it's exclusive or whatever...

GametimeUK3512d ago

X-box is now the king of RPG's so of course it will reflect on sales there

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