Can video games encourage reading? "First, video games can improve basic comprehension in a way that isn't painful for a student who struggles with reading. To see words on screen and engage in the actions associated with that text is a very simple, straightforward way to develop and practice reading skills.

Games can also help players develop other skills. For example, a game like Call of Duty, which is a hugely popular series, can be viewed on one hand simply as violent because it's a war game. On the other hand, if you've ever actually played the game, you'll notice that it requires a significant amount of strategic know-how and team cooperation, things that are not as simple as they seem."

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Delive3482d ago

My Son wanted to play Pokemon, but my excuse was that you have to read to play. He focused on reading and now is 10 years old reading at a 12th grade level.

Harry1903482d ago

do. FF7...........and tons of others. I even learned a few words ,still learning some, from videogames. Videogames are good for you.

Absinthetic3482d ago

article is about 10 years late i would say

before voice overs became the norm, all video games encouraged reading and comprehension