Xbox 360 beats PS3 for fourth week in Japan

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 outsold Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 for the fourth consecutive week in the latest video game sales data from Japan.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Xbox 360 sold 8,271 units between Sept. 29 and Oct. 5.

By comparison, the PS3 sold 7,232 units in the same period.

The 360 ranked two titles in the top 50 game sales, including Raiden IV at No. 38 and Tales of Vesperia at No. 46.

Microsoft this week said it will raise its sales forecast for the Xbox 360 in Japan on stronger-than-expected demand for the hardware.

Xbox 360 sales in Japan were bolstered after a price cut enacted on Sept. 1, which discounted the hardware to as low as 19,800 yen ($189).

Microsoft on Sept. 5 discounted all Xbox 360 hardware in the U.S. between $50 to $80 to spur sales.

The company this week introduced new Holiday Bundles to encourage year-end sales in the U.S.

The Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle includes Sega Superstars Tennis and five Xbox Live titles for $199.99.

The Xbox 360 60GB Pro Holiday Bundle includes Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda for $299.99.

And the Xbox 360 120GB Elite Holiday Bundle includes Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda for $399.99.

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Hydrolex3482d ago

how do you gonna ship all those 360s back to Microsoft ??? Didn't you know 3 red rings of death DOESN't Care What nationality you ARE ????

paracardium3482d ago

same could've been said for the ps3 all around the world.

eric1003482d ago

i dont think x360 has beaten ps3 with the price drop in the pal region or europe.It beat ps3 in UK with price cut

but thats a spike as we know. In Japan too sales have become normal after IU blaze

next week will be normal

highdro3482d ago

i dont care what any body says, both sony and ms are doing crap in japan. but u sony fan bois deny it and u 360 fan bois act like the 360 is kicking sony a$$ any time it gets out sold over ther. truth b told the type of numbers u would expect from a console that is now cheper than the wii and the other one which has blu ray and is the most powerful console should be MUCH HIGHEER THAN 8-10 GRAND..

hate it or love it the wii is a console, u can say that it is not in direct competion blablablabla but it is kicking both sony and ms a$$ and it is gonna win this console war, u fan bois should accpect ur console of choice will finish 3rd or 2nd.... :D

Fox013482d ago

The Iphone is also kicking Sony/360/Wiis @ss, but that doesn't make it a console. The Wii is a phucking toy and we all know it.

Lanoire3482d ago

And look at the margin too! A whole whopping 1k! 360 outsold the PS3 with a whole whopping 1k!

They have Tales out. They are 200 bucks cheaper. And they content in Japan this holiday season. Oh wait, Last remnant am I right?


PS3 has LBP, Home, WhiteKnightChronicles this Xmas in Japan, people. Im not worried at all. Its quite clear which line up is superior and who will therefore do better.

Pennywise3482d ago

Wow... I agree with Fox for once.

mikeslemonade3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Anybody who can read a basic trend and also has common sense would knows that 360 sales are not sustainable. Yea 360 does better than PS3 when the price is low followed by 2 exclusive RPGs but as far as I know there are aren't 12 exclusive 360 RPGs coming out every month, so 360 is still dead in Japan. Microsoft themselves can give the 360 adrenaline shots to prolong the life by getting exclusive content on 360, but it will never have sustaining sales that are better than PS3.

Sony knows that the RPGs that japanese want need time to develop and also right now their system is not a right price for the Japanese because they are in a depression. America and Europe is the focus right now with people that are willing to pay more money for games.

chaosatom3482d ago

The Ps3 install base is way bigger than 360 stall base.

mikeslemonade3482d ago

Um no the iPhone is not kicking ass if you talking about the 3G. If you compare the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation iPhone then they are beating 360 and PS3 and maybe the Wii. They sure as hell are not beating PSP or DS.

Emmo3482d ago


The Japanese are not rushing out in huge numbers to pre order LBP, so I hope Sony are not banking on that like they were with Rachet and Unchartered.

WKC looks like it is going to be very big.

Fable 2 is in my opinion going to beat LBP for it's first week sales ( just a guess people)

Xiru3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

@ 1.2

Last I checked, no one cares about Wii anymore. All big gaming sites laugh at it when new "core" games are mentioned. (Check out what Kotaku has to say about Dead Rising Wii) Sure, it will sell the most this generation, but it will not win. The fight is between 360 and PS3. Right now, the 360 is winning. But I still believe PS3 will win in the end. Imagine when the PS3 hits $299? The 360 better be like $49.99 if it wants to keep its lead. :) Oh and the 360 beat the PS3 by 400 units this week in Japan... hardly a sizable lead, even with its JRPGs and price cut. Next week PS3 should be on top again in Japan.

Edit: Right on Fox01! I agree 100%.

Lanoire3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

And yet, Im getting LBP on day one!
So your claims are debunked.

Emmo3482d ago

@ Highdro

Agreed right now the Wii is kicking both PS3 and 360's ass.

But I bet Nintendo bring out a new machine before Sony or MS. therefore pulling out of this war (your words) and correct me if I am wrong is a war not won by the last man standing.

GUNS N SWORDS3482d ago


the new xbox experience is coming as well, along with fable 2 and gears2 around the globe.


that goes to show how cheap this pathethic machine is . Lets get rid of all of these faulty hardware to the consumer and come out with xbot 5000 .

bababrooks3482d ago

well done , from being dead in the water ms has made a's a shame that many gamers have left this site for pastures new! i hope one day members on this site can agree.....competition is a good thing devs need to improve and that is what makes the enjoyment of virtual gaming. companys try to sell there games no matter the console!
keep it are there for enjoyment.
kudos to ninty, sony and MS.........gaming has never been better!

sorry about the rant!

3482d ago
TheTwelve3482d ago's like watching two girls fighting in a mud pit. Both have sucky sales.

Microsoft is messing things up for PS3 owners for sure by delaying the release of our favorite franchises but I do admire how crazy they are to win Japan over. It will only make Sony more pissed off to do something desperate to get Japan back.


eagle213482d ago

It won't change by this laughable "outselling". Christmas belongs to PS3 in Japan. 360 will get "beat" by a hefty margin. :)

gamersday083482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

The Arcade SKU cannot play quite a number of major titles which sucks cause they require installation. And with the mandatory avatar creation, the gamers are effed.

And M$ has not communicated this to the consumers.

Japanese hates unethical and dishonest sellers like that. Remember food scandal?

Furthermore, M$ has to stop the price cut very soon and it'll all be over. The new dashboard will get bored very quickly soon too unless M$ keeps changing it every few months which is impossible and illogical. M$ is done with the new dashboard and price cuts. It's 360's last struggle.

The good news WILL be short-lived.

"You reap what you sow, M$. You WILL not get away with your evil doings." It will go back to M$ soon. Not only Japan but around the world.

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Arsenal4Ever3482d ago

360 and PS3 are doing shambles, but hey I just wish the Japanese would listen to what Yoshida said today.

highdro3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

hahahahah...say what u want. i hate the wii just as much as u do but at the end of the day it is still a console.yes it is just a gimmik that uses things like wii sports,wii fit..e.t.c to sell but at the end of the day it is still working. it it is not a console then y dose devs make games for it. u dont see cod5 going to the iphone but it is going to the wii. u can say that not all devs will support the wii but at the end of the day it is still a console and it is going to win ths war, im sure sony is till trying to get there head round on how the let this gen slip out of there hands, as for ms they are not going to give up. u can diss them all u want that they just by exlusive and pay for exlusive dlc but at the end of the day they are giving sony a run for there money.
well im out of bubbles so u will not hear from me till another post, or if i log into my other account (>_<).. MUhahahahahahah(IN AN EVIL LAUGH WAY) !!!!!... :D

Says you3482d ago

Piece of junk of low tech it took Microliers to just make there most crappiest console on the planet to drop the price how many times and there selling big whoop these articles will be meaningless when PS3 drops its price and there will be more PS3 owns low tech junk this isn't nothing to be bragging about considering you would think it would say its selling out every where which is not the case I guess this price cut didn't do crap considering it doesn't even make a major gap between the two.

stiggs3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I'm going to guess...7.

dro3482d ago

stop talking out ur a$$ (>_<)

Fox013482d ago

PS2 outsold both the 360 ans the PS3.

Reported as "Spam" BTW.

THC CELL3482d ago

4 weeks is that it make it a year and i will be very very happy
i will have a xbox beach party

Anyone who wants to join me that i will be in spain a year from now
Ibiza island

The catch is this spree has to go on for 1 whole year

Is it party time or what for xbox ?