Adding New Features, Cars, and New Course Layout: Introducing the 'GT Sport' Holiday Season Update

Polyphony writes: "On 22 December, we have implemented the Holiday Season update for Gran Turismo Sport.

This update adds the new “GT League” Campaign mode, as well as new cars and course layout. 23 December 2017 is also the day of the 20th Anniversary since the first Gran Turismo was released in Japan for the very first time. This update celebrates our anniversary, and at the same time it is also our Holiday Season present to you all."

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UCForce362d ago

Glad the old cars are back.

darthv72361d ago

very cool they added this so soon. It's been about 2 months since release.

UCForce361d ago

Previous statement from PD, they already said they going to be more active with their fans. More post launch update and so on.

darthv72361d ago

Critics panned this game for a lack of content and with them adding this so quickly, it makes you wonder if things would have been different if Sony had just delayed it for that 2 months to get this in the final build....

UCForce361d ago

About delay, PD and Sony couldn’t do that. Because they made partnership with FIA in order to make preparation for FIA Championship in November. In August, they will more be more transparent with the fans. By improving the game faster and add more post launch contests.

fr0sty361d ago

I thought the jazzy Christmas music the last time I signed on was a nice touch. I have always loved GT's elegant style. To see them supporting it with all kinds of free content makes me smile.

sampsonon361d ago

@darthv72: I don't know if you are aware that they released the game the way t was because they wanted to start pre season FIA test matches. most people aren't aware of this fact.

bouzebbal361d ago

This is a nice gift..
By the way gt is half price on the store

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frostypants361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I desperately want a Countach single make event. That thing is the most 80s car ever.

I do want them to add the ability to enable/disable specific music tracks at some point.

Why o why361d ago


Its been 30+ years and i never ever knew or tried to spell that.

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TheVetOfGaming361d ago

I just turned my Ford truck into the A-Team van. Silver bonnet, red stripes, red wheels lol. It's a piece of shit though.

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Horseygamer361d ago

but still no Toyota MR2 SW20/AW11 or spider :(

UCForce361d ago

It will be there. Just like PD said, they update more cars and tracks in upcoming months.

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Rimeskeem362d ago

Sony first party studios really love to add great content to there games. Horizon already got a great expansion and now GT is getting more tracks and modes. God of War is 10 hours longer than anticipated too. Like holy smokes!

AspiringProGenji362d ago

Im sorry but I rather have micro transactions. There’s no sense of accomplishment with free content because eveyone will be getting the same stuff. I rather pay for it

WeAreLegion361d ago

I can't believe people took this seriously. You even referenced the horrible EA statement.

ShinnokDrako361d ago


I'm 99% sure he's been sarcastic :D
By the way, it's great GT is having the feature that many asked for. And for free. People that are going to buy the game now will get the full experience. And i'm not saying before it was bad, i've always thought it was a good game anyway, the single player career added a lot more value, according to me.

InTheZoneAC361d ago

3 nubs don't get the sarcasm

Godmars290361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Sarcasm is literally a dead art. You need a "s/" tag to show that you're doing it and even then.

Back on topic: I'm less happy with yet another instance of a game being finished after release. That this is another instance of the death of off-line gaming.

madforaday361d ago


Sarcasm isn't a dead art, it is just hard to detect sarcasm in a text. There are TONS of idiots out there in the world who all use the Internet.

ocelot07361d ago

You rather have micro transactions? But everyone will still have the choice to buy what ever car skin they want. Loot boxes is what we need. I want to gamble on what car skin I have. At least when not everyone will have the same skin!

InTheZoneAC361d ago

damn, up to 8 nubs don't get the sarcasm, earlier it was 3...smh

morganfell361d ago


Part of the issue is that it is an art and some that attempt should stick to the fingerpaint. They need to use an S tag.

InTheZoneAC361d ago

hot damn!!!!!!!!!, 22 simpletons don't get sarcasm, LOLOL! (yes I'm laughing as I type this). I will keep an eye on this, can't say I'm surprised though.

361d ago
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MattE361d ago

I'm delighted we are getting this content.. but it should have been there at launch .. it's not free DLC it's PD finishing the game

UCForce361d ago

Look, I agree with you that the content should be there in first place. But they didn’t have enough time. Because PD made deal with FIA in order for preparation of FIA Championship in November. In August, PD said that they are going to support the game with post launch content with more cars and tracks for free of course. They are bringing back the old cars.

Mr Marvel361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Horizon ZD was definitely my GOTY.
That game is pure quality in every aspect and looks incredible on my 4K TV with the PS4 Pro. Then they added the Frozen Wilds DLC and made the game even better.
A great example of DLC done right by Guerilla, unlike Nintendo, who shat the bed on Zelda’s DLC after making a great game.

UCForce362d ago

GT League Menu Music is come from Gran Turismo 2 Music.

Dario_DC361d ago

I'm loving the Christmas music too.