GameManx Podcast Episode 10: Fall Releases & Joysticks

GameManx Writes:

"This week we talk about joysticks on sale, the newly revealed Street Fighter 4 joysticks & control pads. Talon hates on Neogaf (Spacebarz registers), Pure vs Motorstorm 2 demos, the Tomb Raider series, Wipeout HD, Resistance 2 Beta, Quore, Halo 3 online play, Gamefly game deals, Left 4 Dead, Megaman 9 and other retro remakes, the new Sonic Unleashed trailer, Korg DS-10, Wii Music, Castle Crashers on Insane mode, PS3 deals at Walmart. We discuss the Fall releases we plan to buy. Wheres Scat? "

Hosts: Fallback, Talon, & Spacebarz

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