Game-Boyz Review: Wireless Kama

Game-Boyz writes: "The Kama is very much Nintendo-like in looks. It has the same glossy white finish that all the other Nintendo branded controllers and peripherals have and if you didn't know it was a third party item you may mistake it for Nintendo made. I sat the original Wii Nunchuk beside the Nyko Kama and there were a few notable differences. The first is that the Kama is slightly larger, and I do mean slightly. It is not that noticeable but upon close inspection you will see a slight difference. In terms of the buttons, the C and Z buttons are where you would expect them to be and they feel pretty much the same in terms of their sensitivity when being pressed. As for the analog stick, it too feels pretty much the same, but there is a size difference (larger) between the two sticks themselves. The range of movement of the analog stick for the Kama seemed the same as Nintendo's own Nunchuck, so controlling your on screen movements should be the same as when you use Nintendo's own Nunchuk."

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