Trailer: Farcry 2 Money, Diamonds, and Blood Trailer

A New Farcry 2 trailer surface and in this one it's all about the action.

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mamaofosama3569d ago

this game is going to be amazing, better than KZ2 in my mind

SuPa-MaRiO3569d ago

I Just Pre-Order This Game From This Trailer Made Me Wanna Get It But Better Than KZ2 U Must Be Smokin

mepsipax3569d ago

just wow, I can't wait 11 days. I don't want to kill this game with hype but it looks like exactly what I need, a non linear shooter in africa with gorgeous graphics, morel dilemmas, and really pretty fire and explosion effects. Plus it won't be mindless like COD, Halo, Resistance or Killzone, which are all great shooters really don't offer any depth except for the multiplayer.