GamesRadar: Why games fail at storytelling

David Houghton of GamesRadar writes:

"In the beginning, there was the videogame. And lo, it was basic and a bit crap. Technology was meek and primitive, and game design was abstract and a bit weird, dictated as much by what the technology could pull off as conscious design decisions. But being unused to such wonders back then, we were regardless impressed by the sight of a few coloured boxes shifting around a screen. It was our first taste of gameplay, damnit, and we loved it.

But as human beings bound by the linear flow of time, we find ourselves - consciously or unconsciously - obsessed with narrative. We have to view every aspect of our lives as part of an ongoing flow of causality and thus, we have to make everything a part of a story. So naturally, we demanded stories of our videogames."

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DavidMacDougall3537d ago

The Metal Gear Solid games say otherwise

JustinSaneV23537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

The article says otherwise. Excerpt:

"The game itself isn't telling a story, and with story and game so unbound from each other, its no surprise that the quality of one so often plays second fiddle to the other as a design consideration. Regular juxtaposition between the two sections throws the player out of the narrative, especially when the cut-scenes are intrusive, Metal Gear-style diatribes of significant length. It's just not cohesive, and it feels very, very false indeed."

I personally believe that the MGS is one of best stories in gaming to date but the article does have some valid points.