Over-volted RAM will damage Core i7 CPUs

CustomPC reports: "Asus' PR rep, Iain Bristow, confirmed to Custom PC that the sticker had been placed on the motherboard after Intel's recommendation, saying 'it is recommended that you should not use voltage higher than 1.65V.' However, he added that 'if an end user does decide to use memory with a higher voltage, they should be aware of the risks,' so it looks as though Asus won't be restricting the DIMM voltage in the motherboard's BIOS.

Intel has so far been unable to comment on the voltage recommendation or the reasons for it, but we'll update you as soon as we have more information. Intel has already showed signs of caution with over-volting when it released its first 45nm CPUs, which it recommends not taking beyond 1.36V because of the brittle nature of the chips. Nehalem will also be produced on a 45nm process, and it will also feature an integrated memory controller."

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