Save Up To 83% Off Japanese Role-Playing Game For PS4

Amazon has just added more Japanese role-playing game deals for PS4 for a limited time, and it is time to add some new JRPG games to your collection.

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FallenAngel198432d ago

PlayStation dominates in this genre

Pookandpie32d ago

Quick FYI for those interested: KH 1.5 + 2.5 for PS4 is at $20 for physical with GCU. Even without GCU, it's $25, which is $5 cheaper than Amazon.

There should be some $5 offer you can use for the month of December if you have an account (it came up automatically for me, it was $5 off a 25 and up game or something like that) so I got it with free shipping and everything for $16 something after tax, and it'll be here Saturday. So, if you want a physical copy, you can save 5-10 by going Bestbuy for that particular game.

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