Exclusive Videos: Tecmo welcomes Yukina Kinoshita at TGS 2008

Gamertell has posted a pair of videos from the Tokyo Game show featuring Yukina Kinoshita reacting to the trailer for the upcoming PS3 game, Quantum Theory.

From Gamertell:

"[Yukina Kinoshita] first began working with Tecmo to help promote the release of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Xbox 360 by filming a commercial. In this commercial, the camera focuses on her various comical reactions while playing Ninja Gaiden 2.

During the TGS 2008 Tecmo press conference, she was invited to once again have her reactions filmed but, this time, while watching the trailer for Quantum Theory for PS3. In the first video, Yukina is asked whether she plays plays video games to which she replies 'yes.' The hostess then invites her to watch trailer for Quantum Theory. The second video shows her reactions to the Quantum Theory trailer."

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pandabear3445d ago

Seriously, it's a worrying day when that is 'news'