PS4 Pro Passes 500,000 Units Sold in Japan

The PS4 Pro got its first major sales milestone in Japan, while the PS4 family has finally passed the PS Vita in local lifetime sales.

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corroios89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Very good number for a home console on Japan, but if they cut the size and make a Mini-pro then the sales will increase.

DialgaMarine88d ago

I don’t think Sony is in any hurry to do a hardware revision for Pro; they really don’t need to as its clearly selling decently. I imagine we won’t see a new Pro until we’re really close to PS5 launch, since Pro is likely going to replace base PS4 after PS5 is released.

ILostMyMind88d ago

A PRO for $ 300 would now be very interesting.

DialgaMarine87d ago

Give it until next holiday. I’d put money down that there will be $300 Pro’s next holiday.

Xenophon_York87d ago

Calling it: Either a refreshed PS4 Pro at two forty-nine ninety-nine next holiday, or the current Pro at that price.

FallenAngel198489d ago

Japan is the only region that individually categorizes New 3DS, PS4 Pro, & XO X sales numbers

DeadSilence89d ago

Damn better than I expected on Japan, X sold 1K there 😂

88d ago
jaycptza88d ago

It will hit 1k by Next April I am sure

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The story is too old to be commented.