Ranking the numbered Final Fantasy games

30 years, 15 (or so) games and one definitive victor for the ages

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aziz9662d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Agree on no.1, will never be beaten imo.

Although 9 should be higher.

Docmortem62d ago

Please dont publish more FF rankings for the next 10 years ... no one. Search for FF rankings .. you will get 100+ entries.

BlahBlahWhatever62d ago

FFXII at No2 eh.. ye ok.. no comment...

r3f1cul62d ago

jesus christ what a horrid ranking ... i mean i can deal with 6 being 1 as its in my top 3 but seriously 12 being ranked 2??? 10 being ranked 10 ??? and 8 being above 7 and 9 is ludicrous to me O.o

inxine62d ago

wow that actually scared me. 12 is a controversial one and shouldnt be in the top 3. but 8 above 7? pls lets not have another ranking of the series again.