Hero's Guide to the Flaming Deeps of Moria writes:

"Though the Dwarves that once roamed these magnificent passages are gone, the forges are not cold and the halls do not lie empty. Today the Flaming Deeps have become home to savage Orc tribes. They are ruled by the ferocious Fire Orcs of the Ghâsh-hai and their allies-forces of the powerful Mazog, leader of an Orc army risen from the bowels of the Shadowy Abyss. The Ghâsh-hai and Mazog's Orcs are quartered in these old Dwarf-dwellings, slaving at the forges until they drop from exhaustion, giving their last measure to supply Mazog's army with armour and weapons. He intends to rally under one banner the tribes of Orc and goblin-kind that roam the sprawling halls of Moria. Furthermore, the Ghâsh-hai work to expand the ancient tunnels on the outskirts of the Flaming Deeps to commune with the Balrog. These efforts are all in the name of the Dark Lord Sauron.

Heroes who dare to undertake this venture must make their way to the Flaming Deeps through several different, treacherous sections of Moria. The easiest route is a newly carved passage that wends its way from the southern halls of Zelem-melek. Of course, the easiest isn't always the most-sought by seasoned adventurers."

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